Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Table 17 (Brunch)

This is my 3rd visit to Table 17, first 2 times was for dinner here and here but this time it's for Brunch. Have been meaning to use the FabFind coupon but it was worth $50 which we won't be able to finish up on Brunch just the 2 of us... then finally I got to invite a girlfriend along.

I didn't even need to look at their menu since I knew what I wanted already and there was only one left (so happy) =D It gets packed pretty fast, so make sure to go early.

 Ben's Beer and Orange Juice ~ not sure about this (>~<)
My ♥ will always be Caesar

Farmer's Breakfast
~ Scotch Egg, Pork rillette, cheddar, brie and country toast
I had my eyes on this for a while and I was lucky enough to get their last one (^_^)
Love every element of this dish, just look at how pretty the egg yolk look.

Cuban Sandwich 
~black forest ham, roast pork, mustard, pickles and cheese 
This is grilled to crispy-yet-not-break-your-teeth-dry perfection, just simply delicious.

Onion Tart 
~ w/ Caramelized Onions, double smoked bacon, blue cheese and poached pears on puff pastry
The bacon was the perfect combination of salt and smokiness while the pears round it off with the perfect sweetness and the blue cheese just an element of surprise... just perfectly cook, warm and tasty.

Verdict :
Table 17 have been one of my fave dinner spot and now brunch as well =D
♥ it here, everything is perfect from the food and drinks to the service

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  1. Oh my goodness, I am in love with the Farmer's Breakfast, that looks so beautifully yummy. I need that in my life.

  2. Deb: Yes you'll have to, so good. Have you been here before, dinner is great too =D

  3. Have yet to try the onion tart...looks awesome! Really love the cuban sandwich and farmer's breakfast too :) I have to use my coupons as well lol

  4. Not so angry missing the last TUM since now I know where to go for scotch eggs! I've always wanted to try a cuban sandwich as well as going to Julie's Cuban Cafe from what I have heard. Everything looks delish!

  5. You have made us way too hungry. Great post!

  6. SpatulaGeek : They didn't have the scotch egg at TUM part2 =( Was too full the 1st time

    Yup, ♥ it l haven't been, this place is a must try for both brunch and dinner.... I was thinking of having my birthday dinner here in December =D