Friday, November 4, 2011

Williams Landing

Went to Williams Landing, one of the new restaurant that poped up in Liberty Village for a late lunch and it was a surprisingly summer weather day for the end of September in Toronto. It was actually hot sitting on their patio (^_^) This will be a pretty short post since we ordered only 2 dish since we only wanted a light lunch since we make reservation for an early dinner later on.

♥ the display of all the alcohol

This sort of reminded me of Joey from my previous post here, maybe because all roof top patio are sort of similar these days.Similar but not as pretty (oh did I mention, Joey have very pretty waitresses)

Don't really remember the name of this cocktail and they don't have it on their online menu.
I do remember how it taste thou, sour not sweet, strong alcohol flavor and with each sip cruch a bit of pink peppercorn with it and it was just perfect =P

Mill Street for Ben

Mongolian Pork Tacos
~ pulled pork, citrus hoisin, asian slaw
Again, similar presentation as Joey's with the metal taco holder. It was slightly spicy and quite sweet even without dipping into the side of sweet hoisin sauce... the sauce was so runny that it was quite messy to eat even if you are super careful. 
The best part of the taco for me was the pink pickled onion on top...

Brioche French Toast
~ toasted brioche, mixed berry compote, crispy bacon
I was craving for something sweet, so decided to order from their Brunch menu. can't complain here, the brioche was fluffy and eggy yummy and the savory element of the bacon together with the sweet syrup and compote was perfect.

Verdict :
Will probably come back for drinks since they have a great patio and bar
Just food wise, I much prefer Joey's who has  location now

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