Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wine Bar

Being the coupon queen that I am, Once again I got a Groupon for the Wine Bar and I love the decor as soon as I step inside..... I mean what can be better than each dish being pair with it's own wine =D

 At the Wine Bar, they gave you a choice of 3oz or 6 oz glass to choose from. 
And since all their dishes was tapas style and meant to be share, we also decided to share a glass of 3 oz wine (to save money and to cut back) =P Instead of thinking us as being way too cheap, instead they were so nice that they split the 3oz into 2 glass for us, that's what I call good service.

Beef Chilli Poutine $9 (w/ 2008 Sottano, Argentina, Mendoza $7.75)
 ~ w/ smoked cheddar & green onion
 I would have expected a much bigger portion of fries, this was good but really nothing special. It just didn't blend well, I think it's the gravy (sauce) elements that was lacking and way too little cheese to be my kind of poutine =P

Sauteed Hanger Steak & Herb Crepe $12 (w/ 2009 13th Street. VQA 20 Mile Bench $7375)
~Julienne root vegetables, feta & sweet chili dipping sauce
This was a cold crepe and it was mostly veggies with super thinly slice beef that you couldn't really taste or feel it's presence (>_<) And pay $12 for that small portion, you can just see how "big" it is compare to the tiny tea cup on the side that they serve the dipping sauce in 
(taste like a store bought sauce at that)

 Spicy Chorizo Risotto $12 (w/ 2009 13th Steet, VQA 20 Mile Bench $7.75)
~ Roasted sweet peppers, arugula & toscano cheese
Once again super small portion (we lost hope for bigger portion by now), taste wise no complain.

Crispy Duck Confit $14 (w/ 2009 Norman Hardie, VQA Ontario $6.75)
~ Savory wild mushroom bread pudding, cranberries, watercress & Cabernet jus
 The bread pudding was the star here, layers of goodness with bits of mushroom peeking through. The duck on the other hand was a bit on the salty and dry side. But at least the portion and price make sense for this dish, like 1/2 the size and price of regular dish at other places.

Artisan cheese Platter $16 (w/ 1oz of 5 Wines $18)
This was probably our favorite dish of the night but they can hardly take credit in making it... maybe only for choosing really good yummy good variety of cheese combination and wine pairing. And probably the only dish that was the most worth it's price

Verdict :
Below average food, small portion (even for tapas), high prices, great wine and excellent service
Will not go back =(

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  1. The place looks really nice. Actually, the food looks really good too. Too bad the portions were so tiny and the food didn't taste as good as it looked! I was looking for a nice wine bar like this... but doesn't look like I'll be coming here.

  2. Wine bars scare me because like Italian restaurants, there are just SO MANY of them in Toronto :( I'm glad that at least u didn't have to pay full price O_o

  3. Since this, I'm scared =P I'm not sure if I want to try another wine bar anytime soon. I prefer to save up to go to places like Peller Estate for wine pairing where it's done right