Monday, December 19, 2011


Just as last year, both me and Ben took a day off on my Birthday and he'll plan a day of surprises for me... sort of since I normally guessed of what he had plan, but this year lunch location was sort f unexpected. We went to Luma since I mention I wanted to go.

I sort of wish we came for dinner or during the summer since the place was very bright, so bright that all the curtain was down. I wish we came at light so we could look out to all the lights on the street and I should probably come back for their rooftop patio during summer. 

Chicken Liver Parfait ($8)
~ fruit preserves and baguette croutons
Love the presentation with the pate ins mini skillet and the baguette stacked high.
The pate was divine; smooth, light and pack with tons of flavor. After a quick chat with our waitress, she told us that the chef won quite a few prices for his pate. Even the baguette croutons was oil and flavored really well. And can you believe that was only for $8 and it was more than enough for the two of us to share. That's money well spend.

Luma Lobster Burger w/ daily soup ($21 + $6)
~ cucumber pickle, togarashi mayonnaise and crispy shallots + Foie Gras pea soup w/ truffle oil
Ben order this and this was definitely not what we have expected, it was a mini burger with some sort of lobster cake that we can barely taste any, tasted like cheap crab cake to us.... hummmm and for $21, it really too expensive. Would prefer the Grilled Cheese from Joey's here which was only for $16 including fries where there was actual chucks of lobster in it.

We wanted to order the soup of the day which was for $9 but since we could add a side of soup to the burger for $6, we went with that instead but the portion was rather small. But it was pack with flavor, the pea soup was surprisingly light and creamy with tiny chucks of foie gras and the truffle oil on top.. all the combination combine was just delicious and heart warming.

Ricotta Gundi (Small for $13)
~ sauteed mushrooms, Parmesan and chives
It was cover with foam so the presentation wasn't the best looking but the foam here was actually very flavorful and the gundi was super soft and fluffy and perfect accompanied with the mushroom every bite. Love it =D

Verdict :
Like it a lot especially the liver parfait and would love to come back for some other pate
I'm sort of tempted to come back for Winterlicious.
Anyway I'll be back for Dinner, my only complain here is that they have quite an expensive wine list

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  1. Wow the presentation of the parfait is lovely! I definitely recommend you go back in the summer on the patio :)

  2. I will definitely go back especially after your summerlicious post =D

  3. Chicken liver parfait looks really good! Can't say the same about that "lobster" burger... it looks really tiny. Just that little lobster cake? That's not what I would have expected either.

  4. It's really good and rather cheap as well =D