Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I pass by Acadia many time since we usually park at the green P next to i when we are in the area. Finally read some great reviews about it and decided to make a reservation right away. The decor here are pretty casual and simple but the food is anything but the complete opposite.

Since we can't decide what to order, we went ahead with the Tasting Menu

Prettiest and tastiest pickled veggies (^_^)

Corn Bread w/ maple pumpkin butter
It was warm, spongy and moist, perfect with the super tasty butter. Just warm you right up in the cold and rainy fall weather.

Cod Cheeks
~ blue cornmeal, pickled prawn, sugarcane chow chow, mirlitons, buttermilk
The color sort of look off and dry from the blue cornmeal but it was delicious

Shrimp & Grits
~ Anson Mills Antebellum Grits, oyster mushrooms, pimento cheese, ham hock
This was so good, it was so creamy, smooth and pack with flavor and immerse in a ever more flavorful consomme. This is probably my fave dish of the night =P

Winter Gourd Soup
~ buttercup squash, shredded duck, huckleberries, spiced almond milk
I normally don't like almond flavor things, but the milk foam here had a really subtle flavor which goes perfectly with the sweet creamy soup while the sour hucleberries was a great contrast which wake up your palette. My only complain, it's a bit on the salty side which I suspect was the duck.

Yarmouth Albacore
~ blackened spice, celery maque-choux, brown butter hollandaise, tarragon

Coffee Braised Short Rib
~ sorghum grain, savoury cush cush, chicory, red eye sauce, parsnip
This is so pack with flavor, just love it =D

Sweet Potato Custard
~ molasses cookie, raisins, graham cracker ice cream
Both the presentation (it was on the side of a large plate), flavor and texture are just weird to me (>__<) The only thing I likes about this dessert was the small balls of cookies.

Verdict :
Love everything that night except for the dessert which might be a personal preference
Great food and service
Look like they have great cocktail, will have to go back to try.
Seasonal menu, so their menu have already since we went

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  1. My favourite restaurant right now :) They have already changed their dessert ^_^