Friday, December 30, 2011

Okonomi House

Ben is the one who found out about this place and decided to bring me there for some cheap eats. The place have been there forever, probably older than most of us and it show since it was pretty rundown.... as I enter the restaurant, I instantly didn't like it since it was old, everywhere was sticky and yucky. There was red lanterns all around the place which result to horrible red pictures (>_<)

Look at the glass, it was so dirty, oily that you couldn't even see through it.
Ewwww (> ~ <)

I don't know why you need to add $0.50 for Bonito flakes and dry seaweed... shouldn't it come with all okonomiyaki??!?

We order 2, one Bacon and one Squid Okonomiyaki.
I would have prefer it to be crispier outside, with more cabbage inside and a tad mushy.
I had better but it was quite acceptable for the limited choice in Toronto... and it's basically cheap eat for around $7 each and it was pipping hot, sort of comforting for cold winter days.

 Ben order a Kirin beer... You know I heart Japanese culture, food and
 sake but I have never learn to appreciate Japanese Beer.... all the brands that I have tried, I didn't like

I thought it was so funny that rice is served with noodles.... this was very homemade (aka I can make it better)

Ok the first picture was from Instagram (yes I got addicted), the real thing looks like that... I wasn't exaggerating when I said everything was sticky, just see for yourself..... and it's coming from someone who love street food (even the one in Asia) and go to all those cul-de-sac restaurant.

Verdict :
This is definitely a place that need Restaurant Makeover =P
I will only come back for a quick and cheap bite (maybe after a shopping session on Bloor)
It's definitely cheap eat, cost less than your regular fast-food.... and probably better than your regular Japanese food court fare 

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  1. I had their scallop okonomikyaki and was definitely not impressed. You're right, they need a restaurant makeover! Everything was so sticky and oily.. yuck! Haha

  2. I've been there once ages ago and never went back

  3. Oh and I forgot to mention that the squid was rather large pieces and the dough couln't really hold in together and quite difficult to bite... the ones I had at other places are always tiny pieces