Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dishcrawl - King Street

Heard about Dishcrawl for a while and when it finally came to Toronto, the first 2 events were sold out. So when they finally have new events available, I seize the chance and bought 2 tickets at $60/ea for November King Street Dishcrawl. I was a bit skeptical since they don't list the places and you'll only find out the meet up place a few days ahead. 
When I first got the email saying that the meet up place would be Thor.. Let's just say I wasn't thrill, you can see my previous post here
The crawl was divided into 2 groups, each group lead by one guide.... we were in the 2nd goup and we had to wait outside while the 1st group was inside (good thing it wasn't cold that night)
And it was when we went it that we saw the stops of the night (yeah, the yet to open Cheesewerks)

Everyone got the choice of Espresso or Americano while we were told of how Thor came to be etc.

Saw this and wish I could have one, it's just so pretty.... but I resisted the urge since I know there's a lot of food to come 

Espresso, it a bit too sour to my taste but I know a lot of people who would love it

2nd stop : Wabora
I have heard from some friends saying they didn't really like it, so I still haven't been

This was our group, over 20 people
We were the last to get in and the bigger table was all seated, so sat on our own.

We got to order drink at our own cost =P
We got a bottle of hot sake

Fire Chicken
~ DF battered chicken break w/ Wabora's special sweet and spicy sauce
This was really good but more of a Korean/Chinese dish, wish I had a bowl of rice

 This was what each of us got and that's a lot of rice =P
As soon as I take a look at the rolls, I understand why my friends didn't like this place... It not very authentic but made in a rather newer style with all the sauce being the star (>_<) I personally prefer the traditional style where the freshness and flavors of each ingredients are the star.
And I have had better one like these

And we even got dessert, a chocolate spring roll... it's served hot with your average ice cream.
It's ok, can't complain but the idea is just a bit passé in my opinion (>~<)

Wabora (Thompson Hotel) on Urbanspoon

3rd stop : WVRST
See my post here and you'll know I love this place. I'm finally feeling hopefully when walking ovet since I know I'll it here.

What a big difference compare to my last visit during lunch, it was pack that night since there was a game on and this is a beer hall after all.

 Since it was packed, we had to wait for quite a while and we got a beer to share: Flying Monkey (our fave). I notice that our guide didn't say much and keep taking pictures of the food and the group and when we talk to her, it seems like she haven't even try the places she's bringing us to and she have no input on what we are going to eat. I thought that our guide would be someone as enthusiastic about food as I was but it seems she know nothing about the area, the place, the food etc... It seems that I know more about the places than she did and I am paying her to bring us around, huh?!?

The famous duck fat fries... really wish they were served hot rather than warm (>_<) but it's still good
Wish each of us got a cone even if it was smaller since it's really difficult to share with strangers, what's the rules etc since there was no cutlery and we were using our hands

There was 6-7 sausage available but it all came cut in halves which is rather difficult to taste more than 2-3 types.... really wish they could have cut it into thirds or quarters so each of us could try more variety =P

 We end up trying Rabbit, Elk (new flavor & it was my fave) and Kranjska (it's the only smoked sausage at WVRST but it was my least favorite since it was a bit too salty for me)

Our table of 10 only got one of these topping tray and it really took forever to have it pass around

4th stop: Cheesewerks
The much anticipated Cheesewerks that wasn't open yet at the time... I was so excited since I'm a big cheese fan and have been following them @cheesewerks for a while and they have been tweeting and promoting for months already (^_^)

Here's the owner Kevin (aka Big Cheese) explaining how they cam up with the idea and a preview of their menu

Q water - Still or Sparkling

This was one of their standard grilled cheese and since we were a rather large crowd (both groups end our crawl here), it wasn't served a hot as I would like.... and I wish there was a bit more cheese here cause the other elements overwhelm the cheese flavor a bit =P 
And there was also 2 types of bread with the same fillings and one was definitely better than the other (would have prefer they served it on the one that complemented the cheese better instead of giving us a choice). I still haven't had time to come back to try out their other sandwiches but it's definitely on top of my list

Cookies, complementary from Cheesewerks

A parting gift, Wagamama cookies to bring home

Verdict :
I don't think I'll go on another Dishcrawl anytime soon
At $60 per person, I could probably do a really good mini crawl on my own =P


  1. Whoa that roll looks so saucy >_< Seriously, Dishcrawl needs a guide who is an actual foodie and is as enthusiastic about food as the people who paid for the tour! After my first experience with Dishcrawl I know I will never go to another one.

  2. that first picture of the dishcrawl map .. it looks .. um .. *ahem*

  3. The Food Junkie : Once again we feel the same way =P I think we are the only one who think so since I have read but rave reviews =P

    moo : It was display on the tv at Thor, I guess it's better than not knowing =P

  4. Q Water look awesome! And Conscious Water too...


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