Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cold Tea

The term Cold Tea refers to the practice of serving beer (alcohol) in teapot after legal serving hours in Chinese Restaurant. It's a term / tradition popularize in Toronto Chinatown.... and since I had my fair share of cold tea back in the days, I really wanted to take a look at this place. Since it opened back in Fall of last year, I haven't had the chance until I had a late dinner reservation here on a Thursday night.

Cold Tea is hidden in the Kensington Mall, down pass the hallway

 There's no sign, just a red light ;)

When you peak in, you'll see a Dim Sum station (^_^)

When we arrive at around 7:30pm, the place was empty but within the hour we were there the place start to fill up pretty quick

 Everything was recycled, love the dragon boat bar and the huge arrow as the alcohol rack at the back.... love the "classroom" chairs and peeling off wallpapers :)

There's no drink menu available, I guess you just need to tell them what you like (^_^)
Their cocktail are around $10 each but it's well worth it since it's quite alcohol heavy

Buk Chai

Sake It to Me
a refreshing cocktail made with gin, sake, ginger, bitters and some fresh blood-orange juice

Ben love this place, so we are sure to return

Crazy Canuck Pale Ale

Harvest Sling

Washroom stop before leaving, love the large stainless steel sink and honeycomb tile look

Verdict :
Relax vibe & Great Drinks
Next time we are there, maybe we'll try the Dim Sum

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