Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Pie Shack

I have been meaning to try The Pie Shack since it first open but never had the chance since we barely head to this area. We wanted to try it out after a day at the Beach during summer but it was close when we arrive at around 5:00. So after burgers here and dessert here, we manage to find more room for some pie and end up here, it's as if we are doing our own dishcrawl =P

All the fruit pies, I realize on their website that they have chicken and beef pot pie but didn't see it that day... maybe it was sold out =(
When you order 1 piece, it's actually 1/4 of the pie  (^_^)

 Love the decor here, the cutest and coziest pie shop ever

They do heat it up for you but it took quite a while and the pie arrive still rather cold inside.

Bumbleberry Pie
It's suppose to be a mix berries pie, but we didn't really like it.... the crust was way too thin and the inside was a dense mushy paste... the flavors was lacking, as if not enough of taste of any of the berries that you can't really tell what's in it

Apple Cinnamon Pie
This one is way better with a thicker and more buttery crust

Verdict :
Love the cozy and cute atmosphere
The pie was average but service was great

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  1. Such nice decor for a pie shop :) Yeah I'm totally into more of the thick, buttery/flaky crust rather than the thin ones

  2. Same here, like Wanda Pie in the sky and Canadian Pie Company better... I'm trying to find good pie places (a bit tired of all the cupcake) =P