Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Beast (2nd time)

I own my girlfriend a belated Birthday dinner and I end up choosing one of my old favorite, Beast Restaurant (see my last post here) since I know it won't be too expensive with yummy food guarantee (haven't seen a bad review yet). It also doesn't hurt that I can now make reservation through Dinning Date Night for 30% off the entire bill (^_^)

They have seasonal menu using local and sustainable ingredients only, so it's totally different from what I had last time, except for a few favorites that's kept on the menu. Beast is more of a tapas style restaurant and since they have a small menu, the 4 of us got to share/try quite a few dishes ♥

I was surprise that they are still serving the same kind of bread given that it's made in house by half owner, Rachelle who is a pastry chef. I would expect some changes from time to time... the loaf was so milky soft good but the mini baguette was a not-that-fresh tough =(

Mushroom on Toast
~ shiitake, lions mane, oyster, challah
The mushroom was fresh and cook just right with a rich sauce... love the toast and mushroom ratio

Ricotta Dumplings
~ pine nut, tomato sauce, eggplant pickle
I really like this, it was something different, the taste and spongy texture... but my friends found it just ok, but it didn't prevent them to finish the whole thing (I love it and I only got half a piece)

This was probably my least favorite dish of the night, it was definitely not what we expected when we order ribs =P Although the cube presentation are super cute with the mint cucumber at the bottom and the pop of color from the grapefruit... but I find the meat on the dry side and not as flavorful as I would have like, maybe should have use a fattier cut?!

Sea Scallops w/ Foie Gras
~ walnut, quince, celery root, arugula 
I really didn't know what's the difference between quince and apple cause it definitely tasted like apple. The foie gras pate was just a delicious fatty smooth goodness, I really don't see how it pairs with the scallops but either one of them was super delicious. The scallops was fresh, seared to perfection with the crispy brown goodness on the outside and yet the center was cook just right... and also pair perfectly with the crisp apple and crunchy almond and slightly bitter arugula.

~ fried gnocchi, lamb leg, cheese curds, creme fraiche
Instead of your regular fries, there was fried gnocchi in it's place top with some moist and flavorful lamb... the gnocchi itself was fried into a crispy outer layer with a slightly chewy soft and warm middle, plus bits of yummy cheese curds was just perfect.
This is how I would imagine gourmet comfort food to be =D

Fried Chicken
~ fried chicken tight, braised red cabbage, local honey, hot sauce
The chicken was incredible moist with a very crisp skin but I thought it lack seasoning... lack a bit of salt or wasn't marinated enough. The star of this dish for me was the yummy braise red cabbage.

oven-roasted bone marrow (x2)
~ parsley salad, paprika crust, grilled bread
 As per my last post here, I ♥ it!!! Just cholesterol inducing fatty goodness, the grilled bread was just an added bonus and also a mean to dip and soak up all the oily goodness (^_^)

Ben skip dessert and ordered a beer instead

Shared a French press coffee w/ my girl ♥
(just perfect with our yummy dessert)

 Sticky Toffee Pudding (x2)
~ toffee sauce, clotted cream
I'm just going to quote what I wrote last time here : "Yummy Oooyee Gooyee goodness, super buttery toffee.... TO DIE FOR !!!!"
 My birthday girl just have a very sweet tooth, a total dessert fanatic so she requested one for herself... since this my ♥, I didn't protest since I wanted one on my own as well and obviously Ben couldn't resist and stole a few bite.

Chocolate Nut Tart w/ coffee anglaise
My other friend order this and was so nice as to share... it was a lot denser that I would have like and was quite heavy. Very delicious but I wouldn't trade my pudding for this =P

Make my reservation through Dinning Date Night for $10 and end up saving $40.80 (^_^)
I just realize that they didn't take 30% off the wine (>_<)? 

Verdict :
Love this place all over again and will definitely come back.
I'll have to try their Brunch next and maybe their snack menu if it does come back in summer time

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  1. um .. :)
    your bill was:
    $95.20 (food)
    + $12.37 (tax on $95.20)
    + $41.90 (bar)
    = $149.47 ..

    you got a 30% discount on $136 -- which is $40.80 + tax = $46. You still saved a huuuge amount - but not quite $95+ .. :) (saw this on twitter)

    the photos and descriptions are fabulous !! it's actually very reasonably priced for 4 ppl ..

  2. Thanks, my mistake really don't know where my mind was... def time to sleep =P

  3. You're just excited by great deals. It's ok, I'm like that too. :D

  4. What a feast! Everything looks so fabulous :) I have some credits from DDN too must go and use hehe~ Love the pics!

  5. Lol, me too I use my credit for this one =P

  6. Would love to try the bone marrow and ricotta dumplings :D