Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Bowery

Have wanted to got to The Bowery since it first open since I wanted to try their Foie Gras Scotch Egg but have heard some mixed reviews... then they took it off the menu and I sort of lost interest....

Then I go the Tuesday Foodie card where you get 30% off at participating restaurant on Tuesdays and The Bowery was one of the restaurant.

Love the ♥ and the bare wall... just love their decor

 The red wall just reminded me of WVRST (see my post here)

Fried Smelts w/ Garlic Aioli $5
It wasn't crispy at all but it was quite a large portion for $5 from the snack menu

Crispy Pork ribs w/ Chili Salt $7
It tasted like the Chinese Version but this one was rather dry and tough :(
and again, rather generous portion

Stuff with Stuff $15
Nothing special, tasted like regular store bought..... 
The best thing about the whole platter was the pickled cauliflower and celery

The cracker from the platter was a bit too hard to my liking and I ask them if they had regular bread which I guess they forgot to give us in the first place.... the presentation was cute but it was cold and dense (like a Chinese Steam Bao texture)... maybe they forgot to heat it up ?!?

10oz Striploin w/ roasted tomato butter $32
It was ok but not the greatest and for that price I would expect a side, maybe some veggies/salad or even fires which don't cost much.... oh the butter was probably the star of the star of this dish =P

Big Bone-In Bacon w/ Smoky Honey Mustard $24
Love the presentation, the portion... but it sort of reminded me of Chinese Roast Pig and even the sauce had the same texture and taste

S'Mores Bar w/ Chocolate Sauce & Peanut Butter Ice Cream $9
Love the peanut butter ice cream but the brownie an marshmallow was not that great, there's just something missing. I like the one I had at Bannock here much better.

Verdict :
I was rather disappointed but at least I got 30% off thanks to Tuesday Foodie
Love the decor thou, will maybe go back for drinks 

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  1. I would only go to The Bowery for drinks too. Like what you said, I only liked the scotch egg last time and its not even on their menu anymore. No need for me to go back for food.

  2. Toobad case I really really loved the decor :(

  3. Seems like the presentation is better than the food itself :P I might come here still.. but we'll seeee :D