Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cafe Princess

I pass by Cafe Princess many time since I'm always in the area for Korean food. I have never had an urge to venture up top this 2nd floor cafe until hearing about their Sweet Potato Latte on twitter from @chrisunagi. So finally after lunch, we head up for a drink... They served an assortment of coffee, teas, fruity shakes, cakes from La Rocca , waffles and ice creams.

It's a super girly place with flowery sofas, a perfect place to hang out and gossip comfortably =P
Also love the bring sun coming through the window, just make the whole place that much happier to be at... wish I had a book and I probably can sit there the whole day

Sweet Potato Latte
It was just hot and comforting... it was such a good recommendation. The only problem is, I have to get a real latte after this since I need my daily dose of caffeine (>_<)
Also love how it's served pipping hot, so be careful not to burn yourself =P

Caramel Macchiato
This is such a beauty, so pretty and just look at how high the foam are.... but the coffee wasn't that good at all, tasted like instant and was overly sweet
Disappointed (>_<)

Princess Moffle
When I order this, I originally thought that it's waffle topped with some mochi but it was the waffle that's made with some sort of mochi battered which gave it a white transparent look... 
hence the name Moffle = Mochi + Waffle (^_^)
It was so pretty and it was such a surprise when biting into it... very chewy just like a mochi but was rather light (not dense) and was rather crispy on the outside.... Just love it, haven't had anything like that before

Verdict :
Very girly comfy, would be prefect for girl dates
Wish they had better coffee, then I would go more often

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  1. The "Moffle" sounds interesting and unique! Maybe more places will have it in the future? haha *wishful thinking*

  2. Wow. Thanks for the Moffle recommendation! Never actually hankered for anything I didn't know existed. Thanks a lot. Tee hee. I miss the Affogato from this joint. It was awesome when I had it last year. The ice cream was very cold so it didn't turn into glop after I added the espresso. Hoping to visit soon. My sister's friend's husband ordered one & I got one too (we actually ordered it at the same time & everyone just died! We have very similar, quirky tastes in food. He's like the male version of me. I wouldn't wanna marry a cop though... even if they make $60 an hour. Will probably arrest me for the most petty misdeeds). Needless to say, between 5 people, everyone was picking at the Affogatos & borderline ignoring what they ordered for themselves.

  3. Suji : Was the espresso good thou? cause the macchiato we had was horrible... n I do like the glop when teh ice cream is all melted =P

  4. I'm sorry about your Macchiato. I guess the Affogato was okay all mixed up but individually, a bit sub-par. I like Starbucks Americano & Africa Kitamu Bold Roast a lot & it was certainly different than the espresso shot I had in an Americano. I like it a bit punchy or slightly acidic. Wonder what type of beans they used. It was not quite strong enough. I remember they gave us a fairly large quantity of ice cream (which would also explain why I didn't get gloppiness). If the vanilla ice cream had actual vanilla flecks & was hand-churned fresh everyday, perhaps I would have enjoyed it a bit more. I think the people I was with enhanced the experience. :D