Monday, February 27, 2012

Pizzeria Libretto - Danforth

I just realize that I have never done any post about my fave pizza place in Toronto, Pizzeria Libretto (@PizzaLibretto) (@pldanforth). I have been to the the Ossington location many times and have been willing to wait for more than an hour in line since they don't take reservation (that's a lot coming from me since I hate waiting). They have open up a second location at Danforth since and take reservation....

The Danforth location is much larger and have 2 of their Wood Fired Oven instead of one

 Love is mix and match chairs (^_^)

Many hands at work assembling the pizza

Love how they have choice of wine by the glass, quartino, half liter and bottle on all of the White & Reds. Since Ben decided to get beer, I went ahead and order the quartino (quarter liter) which was perfect for myself since one glass is never enough to last through the meal.

The menu from this location have a lot more appetizers to choose and I'll have to come back to try all the rest since I love all of them so much (^_^)

Gnocchi Fritti Lemon $5
~ lemon, chives & crema fresca
This was fresh, hot and fluffy crispy. Love gnocchi + Love fried anything = ♥♥♥

Mushroom Stracci
This is not on their menu anymore but this was really good, just packed with mushroom flavors.
When I ordered this I thought it's mushroom on top of pasta, but the mushroom was actually  mix into the pasta dough itself... just incredible

Rocco's Salad $10
~ brussels sprouts, butternut squash, Pingue prosciutto, heriloom beets, pine nuts, ricotta salata & crispy egg
Love how lightly dressed it was, letting each part of the salad shine through complimenting each other. So good and refreshing... and I love loved beets and doesn't hurt that it's top with a medium cook egg that the yolk just ouzzes out when you cut into it ;)

Duck Confit Pizza $17
~ bosc pear, mozzarella
This is my fave pizza of all time and since it's been a while, I just have to order this again cause the sweet pear, the creamy mozzerealla together with the duck confit is just heavenly =P
Just as good as always, the fresh crispy thin flavorful crust only achievable with the super hot wood burning oven plus their unique and fresh toppings... a bite is all you need to fall in love ♥
(I promise myself to try others next time I go)

Quattro Formaggi Pizza $18
~ tomato, truffle, bufala mozzarella, montasio, moliterno, parmigiano reggiano
Don't get me wrong, I love cheese but I never really liked order 3 or 4 cheese pizza since it tends to be too salty for me.... and that definitely what I thought about this one but Ben really wanted to order this

Vanilla Affogato $5
~ gelato drowned in espresso
Found the espresso not as hot as we would like it so that it start melting the ice cream.

Verdict :
Love this 2nd location even more since it's more spacious, take reservation and have so many apps to choose from.
Will go back for more (^_^)

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  1. Yay :)
    Saw your post and now I want to try all the apps =P

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