Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kim Bo

Remember my first Foodspotting Eat -up back here, I have join FS since then and loved it. This is the 3rd FSeatup event (I miss the 2nd one) and once again organized by Mike aka Chops (@chopstickhero)... it was a 7 course beef fest at Kim Bo, a Vietnamese  restaurant.

We started with a few appetizers (^_^)
Spring Rolls
Perfect crispy goodness, can never go wrong with this classic and popular Viet. App.

 Shrimp & Mango Salad
Love the amount of fresh basil in it and that's what made the dish for me

Baby Clams w/ Sesame Rice Cracker 
This is my first time having this and love it

Chao Tom (Shrimp Paste Roll)
It's not very glamorous to chew on the sugar cane and to spit it out but it really the best part of the dish =P

And let's start the 7 course BEEF fest 

#1 - Beef Fondue

 Ok they lied, it wasn't ll beef

Love their pickled carrots & radish ♥

Sriracha & Hoisin Sauce
Apparently everyones favorite, we were fighting over these 2 bottles whole night =P

Ok, basically what you do is dip the rice wrapper in water, cook your meat, choose veggies and sauce to your liking.... wrap it all together and you are done. So fun (^_^)

#2 - Beef Roll w/ Tropical Leaf
The beef was rather sweet and more of a sweet sausage

#3 - BBQ Beef Rolls
#4 - Grilled Satay Beef

#5 - Spicy Sauteed Cube Beef
The beef was surprisingly moist and soft for a stir fry without the "meat tenderizer" taste and texture

#6 - Steamed Jumbo Beef Ball
This is once again rather sweet like #2 which I'm not a big fan

#7 - Beef Congee
Love this, it was very flavorful and I suspect that it's made with "pho broth"

Verdict :
It was around $27 per person including tips, what a great deal
Will def be back to try out their pho and maybe have the beef 7 ways once more =P

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