Friday, March 9, 2012

Cherry Bomb Coffee

I have wanted to try Cherry Bomb Coffee even before starting this blog but have never made it to the area... until I was in the area for Brunch at Barque Smokehouse (post coming up, for the time being see my previous post here).
And as you may have notice, I have a thing for coffee (see post here, here, here, here etc), since on weekdays I only have my Starbucks VIA and I like to indulge in a pretty yummy latte (^_^)

 It's a rather small space and more a buy & go with only minimal bar stools on the side... so this is definetly not the type of coffee shop where you can sit back and enjoy a book...
It's definelty a favorite with the locals, it is packed with parents with kids, and strollers, as well as couples.

 A lot of baked goodies available

My Latte (love the stamp cherry on the cup)

 Ben's Americano
~ according to him it's really good and he was even tempted to get some beans home

Oatmeal Cookie
Good and chewy

Verdict :
Not my favorite but definetly good coffee
It's out of the way for me and wish they had better seatings 

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  1. the baked stuff looks pretty good!

  2. I know but only tried the cookie since just had Brunch =P

  3. I want the bike with the two bags attached lol. If I were there, I'd probably be staring at it for hours.

  4. The coffee and baked goods are fantastic. It's a neighbourhood joint.