Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I was invited for a blogger preview to Pachuco (@PachucoResto)back in January, I have been twitting and facebooking my experience there but never really got to writing the actual post... I felt really bad (>~<) As part of the invite, we were offer two free dishes for our entire meal. Pachuco is a tiny place, located at the basement of Embrujo Flamenco and shares the same kitchen = make reservation.

Margarita Sampler $15 for 3 flavor
~ Spicy Mango, Guava & Strawberry Mint
My favorite was the spicy mango, love the combination of sweet, spicy and salty; whereas the guava was too sweet for me and the strawberry mint wasn't minty enough. 
Can taste that a really nice tequila was use and use not with a light hand either, love it ♥ but hate how quickly it start separating (as you can see here and that's as it arrives at the table)

Goat Cheese Guacamoles $9
~ goat cheese, chilli poblano, sun dried tomatoes
The goat cheese here was really subtle that we were barely able to taste it and with bits of sun dried tomatoes here and there... It felt a bit heavier than regular ones which is ok for a winter night but I would much prefer the lighter fresher version. 
The chips were fairly oily and some of them were soggy :(

Ceviche Tia Mali $9
~ star fruit, avocado, tequila, blue marlin
The other ingredients here sort of dominate the fish itself and the sauce was was too creamy... wish it was lighter and more citrus-y

Mexican Cosmo $8
~ agave silver tequila, cointreau, fresh lime juice, hibiscus flower
♥ this since it's pack with tequila, I'll go back just for that.... strong alcohol flavor and not sweet at all

Chipotle Bloody Maria $7
~ clamato juice, fresh lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, chipotle chillies

Taquitos estilo Baja $15
~ fish tacos served with Mexican style coleslaw salad, chipotle honey salsa, green tomatillo salsa
The fish was freshly fried and served hot but although colorful and pretty, I find the dish lacked in flavor overall... and with all the competition with fish tacos out there, this just doesn't make it (cheaper and tastier version here)

Taquitos de Pato $15
~ slow cook duck confit, pear salsa and guajillo peppers, pineapple pico de gallo
Ok it's rather dark in there but I took my picture with flash (sorry to the girl next to us) but really the presentation wasn't that great with the shredded duck meat on top of the sauce =P
Taste wise I find the duck confit wasn't combining with the sauce at all...  both are great on it's own but it just didn't blend

The star of this dish was the pineapple  pico de gallo and the peanut-y sauce (I ask our waitress what the sauce called or made of, she said she'll go ask but never came back with an answer)

~ w/ marshmallow & chocolate sauce
It was definitely re-heated, it was sort of tough and dry instead of crispy and moist....

Verdict :
Most of the dishes was a disappointment 
and rather expensive compare to all the Mexican restaurant out there (>_<)
But I would definitely love to come back for drinks and maybe try the $15 a shot tequila =P

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  1. Thanks for the post. Pachuco doesn't sound too exciting overall but I'll probably still give it a try...sometime in the future lol =)

  2. BTW I'm so glad you got rid of word verification ^_^

  3. LOL, Amy requested it =D I didn't even know I had that =P