Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lipstick for Fall

I am not a big fan of lipstick for many years since my lips get chap so easily no matter how often I apply lip balm and I try many types/brand.The ones that work great for my friends leave my lips even drier and flakier (>_<) Sometimes to the point that it bleeds and hurt... so for those many years, I try to to be adventurous with my eyes instead. Then I read a great review of the Kiehl's Lip Balm from a beauty blog that I follow, so I decided to give it a try and I fell in love instantly. I look kind of greasy when you look at it but it feel wonderful when it's on and it stay put while sinking into your lips at the same time. And it comes  in pots, tubes, with SPF, tinted, scented and unscented... I like the pot version since I prefer applying with my fingers. Now that I have softer lips, I can experience more lip colors (^_^)

Tom Ford in 04 Indian Rose
Got this as a Birthday present and I still haven't really use it... it's really too pretty to be use =P
I did try it but it's a bit to mauvey rose for my skin tone and look a bit out of place with it.

Great lipstick for a great cause, I bought last year Lady Gaga one as well which was more a baby pink whereas this one is much brighter... Don't be scared since it's actually more wearable than you'll expect and this have a satin finish which is easier on the skin compare to a bright matte version. 
After a few wear of this, I'm tempted to try a more neon pink version =P

Have been wanting to try on these lavender color for a while, always wonder what it'll look like on and once I tried it on in store, I felt in love and just had to buy both the lipstick & gloss. It's really soft and sort of give you the same look as baby pink would but this is even easier to carry in my opinion... go in store and try it out and see what I mean.
The Sheen Supreme really redefines shine, it gives a soft glossy succulent color. 
Love how light and moist it feels ♥
There's so many great reviews on this product, I finally got myself 3 to try out and it did definetly made up to it's reputation. It's very moist and light and doesn't dry out my lips, perfect for everyday wear not to mention super affordable at around $6-$7/ea at Walmart.
Tutti Frutti 015 - a bright orangey color, perfect to brighten up with Spring coming up. Tangerine is the color of the year after all and this is easier to wear than true opaque orange.
Cotton Candy 045 -Just can't go wrong with this baby pink color and it's probably what every girl will reach for.This is a very sheer pink with gold undertone and I find myself grabbing it on a everyday basic.
Peach Parfait 025 - This color is sold out in most location and I had to try a few location before getting my hands on one... it's the favorite of many youtube gurus, guess that's why it's sold out everywhere. It's a pinky-peach with golden undertone and it's perfect for my Asian skintone.

Moisturizing color lip balm in super fun packaging... it look rather bright in the tube but it's actually very sheer, giving you just a hint of color

Me with the above MAC Viva Nicki Minaj Lipstick pair w/ my super bright neon green jacket

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