Friday, March 30, 2012

Salt Wine Bar

I have pretty much tried most of the restaurant on this part of Ossington and Salt Wine Bar (@saltwinebar) just sort of completed the list... I`ll have to say I regretted of not having came earlier since it`s now on my list of favorite place to eat. The place was really pack, so make sure you make reservation.

Love how the walls are line with wines, perfect together with the simple tables and Chair... with the lighting, I felt like in a basement wine cellar :)

 Bacon Ceasar $8
~ Canadian Club, a touch of red wine, house made spicy, smoked tomato-bacon juice, bacon salt rim, celery, lemon and maple bacon garnish
 I was in love ♥ thanks to the tallented Jen (@whisky_jameson) who is behing the bar at Salt Wine Bar. I just can't decide which one I like better the one from Barque here or this one (^_^)?
I guess the bacon flavor here is more subtle (in a good way) but spicier and stronger alcohol
♥ both of them

 I just love tapas style restaurent where you share dishes, cause then I can try more in one night =P
We had a pretty late lunch, so this time the 2 of us didn't order as much as we are normally use to.
Fluke Ceviche
+ jicama, red chili, cucumber, basil, coriander and mint
The fluke was cut paper thin, it was so fresh and refreshing perfect with the pop of flavor from the chili and yet cool down by the cucumber, basil, coriander and mint at the same time.

Quebec Foie Gras Terrine
+ pickled grapes, pecan and toasted baguette
Make sure t get a bit of everything in every bite, it's just such a great contrast in texture and flavor.
First time eating pickled grapes and ♥ it !!

2 Berkshire Pulled Pork Tacos
+ guacamole and chipotle bbq sauce
I want to try the Pork Belly since I heard some good things about it but it wasn't on their menu that night :(
so we order the pulled pork taco instead.... love the chipotle bbq sauce, good but really not the best I had

Love the tiny hot sauce squeeze bottle but too bad it was stuck, we had to open the lids to pour it out

Smoked Oxtail
+ potato puree, horseradish cream and oxtail broth
This is probably our fave dish of the night... note, there's no bone whatsoever, just moist flavorful meaty goodness. Every part of this dish was packed with flavor and as delicious, the 2 of us was basically fighting over the last bite. LOL (^_^)

Iberico Bacon
+ poached egg, smoked tomato jam and hollandaise
It was the Dish Dual Dish which mean it's their signature dish, so I just have to try it and it was just as Stella (@foodieyu) discribed it. I love all day breakfast and this sophisticated version is just even better espeically the pop of sour/tart flavor from the tomato jam and dash of sherry vinegar.

Vanilla Bean Churros
w/ Cinnamon Sugar and Dulce de Leche
This was a solid churros instead of the empty one where sauce are squeeze in like my fave one here.
Being solid, it was still very soft perfect dip into the dulce de leche...
 I'm just a sucker for warm ooyee goyee desserts =P 

Verdict :
♥ it and will be back to try more dishes
and I'm crossing my fingers that they have the pork belly next time I'm there
and the Passion Fruit Creme brulee =P

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  1. Their new menu is out!!!!!!! :) O and thx for the mention hehe ^^

  2. The place looks great with lots of wines to choose from. With great food on their menu, its no wonder they have lots of customers going there...

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