Monday, April 2, 2012

Orange Polka Dots

As some of you may know already, Ben aka my bf, aka my food partner, aka my photographer is off on a Business trip for 5 weeks (>_<) It's only been a few days and I miss him a lot already and during this time I decided to try to stay home so that my bank account could recuperate a bit from all the dinning out and frankly maybe loose a tiny bit of weight.... I'm starting to think a food and fashion blog shouldn't mix, I probably gain more weight than I should and the outfits are suffering :(

So this month, I'll try to post all the post that have been backlogged =P
I found this OOTD from last year that I've never posted... it's a very vintagy look, it's something that I imagine my mum would wear when she was younger (^_^)

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