Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hawker Bar

For those of you who follow me on Twitter/Foodspotting/Instagram (@kiki_BFF), you should know that I went to Porchetta & Co (see my previous post here) for the Soft Shell Crab Po Boy special this past Saturday. Since we (me, @_aneb & @qinn) were in the area, we decided to go to grab a Portugese Custard Tarts at Venezia Bakery... then one thing lead to another, we pass right by Hawker Bar (@HawkerBar) and decided to head in for a ligth snack.
What was just a quick sandwich dinner end up being a mini food crawl (^_^)

Hawker Bar serves up Singapore style seed food is the new addition to the already culinary diversity of the Ossington strip which is definitely a first found in Toronto.

 It's an very small space and just love the stools and the cardboard menu, very earthy and green.
We were also offered ginger tea

Curry Prok Satay $6
~ with peanut sauce and pickled cucumber
The meat was incredible rubbery and on the bland side while the peanut sauce was a bit too watery to adhead properly to the pork. My fave part of the dish was probably the thinly sliced pickled cucmber which was quite refreshing.

Singapore Chicken Wings $9
~ (1 Lb) with chili soy
This was served piping hot and was incredible crispy and flavorful. We didn't really need to dip into the soy sauce but with it, it's just totally another flavor/taste (wish I had a beer) ♥

Chicken Laksa $9 (SM)
~ coconut curry soup, rice noodle, tofu puffs, snow peas, red peppers & eggplants
The soup was too watery and sweet whereas a vietnamese "pho"noodle is use while I prefer virmicelli or thick "yellow noodle" version which I find goes a lot better with the curry soup.
My fave laksa in Toronto is still the one I had here, I may be quite picky about my Thai and Malaysian food since I have been there many time.

Verdict :
Will probably go back just for the wings and maybe try their Hainanese Chicken Rice and see it's it's worth the $12 =P
Heard the Son in Laws Egg is good as well...
But I'll definelty skip the satay and laksa if I ever go back.
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  1. Can't wait to check this place out! :)

  2. Sweetie u are so sweet! Can we follow each other? Kisses from Romania!