Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Swish by Han

As I probably mention before, I'm just not a big fan of fusion since it's rarely done right and more often than not left me confuse.
That's why I've been reluctant to try Swish by Han (@swish_by_han), a Korean Fusion restaurant until Justine (@foodigatorJ) sugested we meet up there together with Mary (@citrusblack). This was my first time meeting them back in January and we have been coming out for good food and drinks a few time since then
 (and yes I knoiw I`m so behind on my post, you can see their post here and here)

Love tyhe warm woody and bare brick decor with the chandeliers and an entire wall cover by a picture of traditional pot of Korean sauce pots.

Soju Mojito ($9.50)
~ Havana Club White Rum, mint, fresh lime juice, soda, cucumber foam
Since I'm a big fan of mojito, I was just have to order this and it was really refreshing with the cucumber foam which made it different from a traditional mojito

Soo Yook - 48 hour braised beef ($12)
This very similar to the chinese version except it is served with a side of salad which was tangy sweet with strong dose of sesame oil. JUst love the presentation with the thinly sliced beef and colorful salad on the board. The entire dish was very flavorful, the beef was melt in youwith just the right amount of texture from the tendons and fat and pair perfectly with the salade. And according to Justine, it's a very authentic Korean dish... I'll order this again in a heartbeat (^_^)

Spicy Pork Tacos (2 for $10)
I had this before when they were at the Food Truck Eats event here and it was sold at $5 for 2.
This time around the taco shell itself wasn't stickyat all but beware it's increduble messy to eat with all the sauces but well worth it since it's packed with flavors. The pork was marinated and cook extremely well and top that with the hot Korean sauce, kimchi and cabbage mad eit even more delish. The usual lime served with taco was a bit unnessesary.

Spicy Pork Buns ($9)
Love the pork with the slightly spicy sauce which had a hint of smoky flavor was very delish but I thought it didn't really go with the cheesy bun which was on the dry crubly side. This would be much better either on a slice of cruchy toasted bagette to get the contrast texture or a traditional steam bao to sobed all the saucey flavor. 

 Pork Belly Ssam ($18)
The grilled pork belly was served with rice, kimchi, lettuce and hot sauce and you are suppose to wrap a bit of everything in the lettuce. First thing you notice was how burnt the pork belly was (nice grille dmark thou) and it was not fatty at all. There was also 2 types of kimchi to choose from and franky it look slightly different but definetly tasted the same to me.

Lobster BiBimBap ($18)
It's just your regular BiBimBap with chucks of lobster meat in it. The lobster didn't really do much to the dish but it's really well prepared BiBimBap served super hot which result with the perfect rice crust ♥♥♥

 Steamed Pork Buns (2 for $10)
This was another dish I had at Food Truck Easts here which I didn't like at the time. I'm not sure if it's because it's prepared in a real kitchen or what but this time around was so good. The perfect piece of fatty melt in your mouth pork belly with the radish and op that sort of balance out the richness.
But it was served with a hoisin type of sauce which was a bit sweet for me, wish there's a spicy element added to it to balance the sweetnees of the hoisin.
This fatty goodness with the white bao is just so pretty ♥

Verdict :
Very friendly service and great food.
It's a bit more pricy than your regular Korean restaurant but well worth for the quality of food.
I have already been back once more after a not so satisfying dinner at a nearby restaurant and I bet I'll be back many more times (^_^)

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  1. So much more interesting than my lunch there a long time ago! Need to visit again for dinner :) Thx for the post..now I know what to order~

    1. I know, just a lot better than I would have ever expected.
      And I think that it's the first fusion place that I actually liked. Fusion of western element with the basice traditional Korean flavor + not confusing =D

  2. i`ve been here twice and still have not tried their pork buns. they look yummy!

    1. The steam bun is so good, it's my fave in Toronto so far :)

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