Sunday, April 22, 2012


I was so excited to finally try Bestellen, the recently open restaurant by Top Chef Canada Season One (big fan) finalist Rob Rossi (@ChefRobRossi) and Ryan Sarfeld (@RyanSarfeld). Arriving, I was immediately drawn to the dry age room that's right across from the bar dividing the front and back section of the restaurant. I knew they had a dry age room but wasn't expecting such a big one. This is definitely not a place for vegetarian but perfect for a meatlover like me. (^_^)

Thanks Chef Carl Heinrich for smilling at the camera and beside him Chef Curtis Luk both fromTop Chef Canada Season 2  (^_^)

Love the "farm" decor from the wood tables, the benches along the wall, the red chairs, the wood panel ceiling to the blackboard for the wine list that took the whole wall on one side and a mural of pig & cow parts on the other. Not to mention the super attantive and friendly staff.
Just ♥ this place!

I had two glass of the house wine, Bestellen Trebbiano D'Abruzzo while my friend had a Basil Smash (which is similar to a Mojito)

Terrine & Charcuterie Board ($13 for 3 / $25 for 6)
Since there was just teh 2 of us girls, we decided to go with the small but when it arrive I was a bit disappointed that there was no terrine among their 3 choices :(
Wasn't a bit fan of the cooked sausage on the grainy mustard maybe because I alway attribute charcuterie to a cold cured meats but I have to say I love love their pickled veggies on the side, love the flavor and the variety :( And the hose made bread toast was super delish flavorful (yeah, I♥bread)

Traditional Steak Tartare, Espellette Aioli, Olives, Crispy Quail Egg $13
It was served with a side of Housemade Brioche toast which was super milky delicious.
The tartare was very well season (not too salty even with olives and capers), refreshing and in the perfect "chuck" size (hate when it's too small where it gets mushy and too big that gets chewy). The sligtly creamy espellette aioli also gave just teh right amount of kick and with the crispy fried quail egg is not only pretty but also a nice change to the usual raw version.

Dry Aged 10oz Tenderloin w/ choice of one side $31
We choose the Dandelion, fennel sausage, pecorino as our side but it was overly satly.
We ordered our steak Rare and it came out just the way we liked it, this is probably the best steak I had for quite a while, even more perfect with the rather affordable price tag for such good quality.
It was flavorful, cook right and perfectly tender, not a single bite was chewy...
 so good on it's own that no sauce is needed.

Bestellen Burger, Caramalised Onion Raclette, Housemade Brioche and Frites $18
This is probably my now favorite burger, it's cooked rare and with the fluffy milky slightly sweet brioche bun it's just so good. I wish they had a more salty element on top though since the bun and the caramalized onions are both sweet (bacon maybe)

Hosemade Smoked Ketchup

Carrot Cake $6
I was a bit disappointed that they Coconut Brioche Donut anymore especially after trying the Brioche bun (>_<) But this was a great second choice, the yummy carrot cake was served warm in a pool of caramel and top with cream cheese icing and fried carrot strings.

Chocolate Pot de Creme $6
It was so rich and smooth with a per light and fluffy cream fraiche on top was just perfect.
Love how they used a darker chocolate which made it more decadent and less sweet

Verdict :
Great Service and Great Space/decor
Love everything that we had and I'll be back very soon with the bf
Or even gather more people to get the Suclking Pig available for advance order (8 serving)

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  1. Really happy that you liked Bestellen! I need to go back and try their steak for sure :) it looks sooo good. I'm not surrpised that you felt the same way about the burger hehe since we both have similar taste =D

    1. I know, want to try the roast pig for sure =D

  2. Sounds wonderful, will definitely have to check it out as it sounds delicious :)

    Marta of

    1. Thanks for visiting my blod, so happy since I'm a big fan of yours =D

  3. Great post! That steak looks mouthwateringly good. Also, you realize the "stranger" smiling is Chef Carl Heinrich and beside him Chef Curtis Luk from this season's TopChef Canada right?! gaaahhhh (I'd be totally chefstruck...LOL)

    1. Good eye didn't really take notice when I took the pic especially with my allegies I have puffy eys :(