Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hopgood's Foodliner

Hopgood as in Geoff Hopgood, ex Hoof Cafe, so of course Foodliner has been on my list since it first open. The menu is a homage to his eastern Canadian NOva Scotia roots giving a playful twist to clasics like donairs and maritime poutine. The menu is short and simple which I love, and oh they take reservation (^_^)
There's 2 section, at the front where the bar is located is bright and welcoming whereas the back which is a bit darker but more intimate.

Pass by the kitchen on your way back

At the back section, it much darker which is horrible for picture taking, so if you are like me make sure to mention you would prefer a table at the front at time of reservation.
Look at the shelf full of Triscuit & Carnation :)

They even had a Nova Scotia beer, PiLs from Garrison Brewing

Smoked Makarel on Oatcakes $10
The makerel is super fresh, cool deliciousness but thought the oatcake was a tiny bit too sweet however, the weird combination of texture sort of work together really well ;)

Lamb Heart Tartare $16
The lamb taste was very distinct but not overpowering, this was so delicate and flavor boost by the shallots, cornichon, egg yolk and the grated dried caramalized cream. And yes, dred caramelized cream, it's the brown crumbs on the left and it was the first time I heard of something like that... it's like eating something dry but was super creamy and smooth (^_^) It sort of balance out the meaty slimy testure of the tartare ♥ And this was also a rather generous portion, perferct for sharing.

Tiny Sausage & Sweetbread Stew $20
OMG ♥ this, don't underestimate this tiny pot... it's packed with flavor, just so warm and comforting.
THe sweetbread on top manage to remain crispy good and let's not forget the yummy soft pillowy milky bread on the side (wish there was another)

Quarter Chicken, Grits & Bacon Sauce $26
Seeing the word "bacon", Ben immedietly decide to order this =P
The chicken was definelty moister than it looks and both the grits and sauce was pack with flavor.

Crispy Toffee $8
This is so good, it's like a fancy homemade version of Twix that combine white chocolate, toffee, rice crispies, toffee sauce with alayer of dark chocolate on top... OMG good ♥!!! And need I say we end up fighting over the last crumb although someone said he was too full for dessert

Verdict :
The service was stellar and sincere, the staff show a real passion for the food they serve
Everything we tried was great
best of all, they take reservation which is perfect for someone without patience like me
I'll be back

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  1. Everything you ordered looked really good! Can't wait to try :)

  2. Our least favorite was the Chicken, but I love everything else =D