Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Eight Wine Bar

This is another of the Teambuy deal, $49 for a 3-course prix fixe menu for 2 people. Great deal, ok reviews online but horrible service and food. We were so unsatisfied that we headed to another restaurant nearby for more food (post here). Eight Wine Bar is part of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in downtown Toronto....

It had a high ceiling but I find the decor rather dated :(
Let's talk about service, we sat there for more than 25minutes before we were able to wave a waitress over to take our drink order and ask for water. Wine came but no water and we said that we were ready to order but was told to give her a sec... another 10 minutes pass before she came back to take our order, I ask some question about the menu but was given the exact description as was on the menu, no other explanation... felt like she wants to leave and not talk at all.... water wasn't here yet, we ask once more and one bottle came after the other.. and here we were at a tiny table with 2 water bottles, 1 wine decanter, 2 wine glasses and 2 water glasses (>~<)

The wine boxes was actually scatted like that.... not good looking.

Quebec Foie Gras
~ Blueberry Maple Demi, Vanilla Rosemary French Toast, Doubled Smoked Bacon Crisp
I was surprise that Foie Gras was included on the prix fixe menu at no extra cost and was so excited since I ♥ my foie gras. But really, first time have a seared foie gras that was dry and overcook. It tasted like it's pre-cooked, what a horror... and the bacon wasn't even crispy.
Failed (>_<)

 Earth & Ocean Duo
~ Caul Fat Peppercorn Tiger Shrimp, White Chocolate Chilli Beurre Blanc, Crips Basil Vanilla Scented Duck Confit Tian, Raspberry Citrus Coulis
This is just two different dishes put together, nothing tied the two together at all. It was just mearly pulled duck confit which was overly salty and an overly oily bland tastless shrimp (rather small, doesn't look like tiger shrimp to me)

AAA Alberta Beef Tenderloin
~ Herb Butter Brushed, Truffle Forked Mash, Grilled Asparagus, Pinot Noir Demi
Ben order Medium Rare but came almost well done and that wasn't the only problem cause it was dry, tough and didn't taste like tripleA grade at all and even the asparagus wasn't trim properly

Pork Tenderloin
~ Bacon Wrap, Chorizo Sweet Potato Rissotto, Sauteed Green, Red & Green Apple Slaw, Maple Bourbon Pecan Butter
The pork itself was rather bland and it was in fact not rissotto at all but just sweet potato chopped into small cubes which was ok but the "apple slaw" was just chopped apples... Sad!!!

Chocolate Creme Brulee
Nothing specail, creamy but rather sweet

Ginger Chocolate Tart
The crust was rather hard and the filling was rather dense

Verdict :
We even had to wait for the bill, we sat there for more than 15minutes and no one was in sight.
Horrible Food and even more horrible service
Will never go back again given that there's so many good placed nearby

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