Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I went to Scarpetta (Twitter: @ScarpettaTO) about 2 year ago for my birthday dinner (see my post here) and I was disappointed. A few months ago there's a new Chef de Cuisine in charge and knowing I had a bad experience, Chef Michael Hunter (@Chef_Hunter) ask me to give it another chance promising to make it up to me...
.... and he definetly did (^_^)

The bread basket didn't change much, with an assortment and I like all of it
(order a bottle of wine as well but didn't get to take a picture and I totally forgot what we had)

The famous Stromboli, just as good as I remember
Sorry my pictures here doesn't really do the dishes justise since our table didn't have any decent lighting but only a candle :(

Duck Liver Pate
Complimentary amuse bouche, so yummy smooth and love the tartness from the pickled on top, it just sort of wake up your palate

Yellowtail $18
~ Olio de Zenzero & Pickled Red Onion
It was fresh with a suble flavor from the ginger oil and another pop of flavor from the red onion

Creamy Polenta $15
~ Fricassee of Truffled Mushroom
This tasted much better than last time and we basically had a spoon fight over this =P
This is now my favorite polenta, it was super creamy yet there's still some texture and not overly smooth which I like just perfect combine with the earthyness of the mushroom and a touch of flavourful truffle oil ♥

Prochutto & Pork Terrine
Yummmmm, thanks again Chef Hunter (^_^)

♥ Spaghetti $24
~ Tomato & Basil
This time around it does live up to it's reputation and definetly worth the $24. Simplicity at it's best but don't underestimate it since I find simple dishes difficult to perfect. The pasta was cook just right and this time it was served hot Yeah(^_^) The sauce was sweet and yummy which coat everystrand of spaghetti and did I tell you I love basil (last time i was barely able to taste the basil)  This time around it definelty live up to the title of Food Network's The best Thing I ever Ate with Sauce

Duck & Foie Gras Ravioli w/ marsala reduction
Another complimentary dish from Chef Hunter, this being my favorite dish last time was just as good this time around if not better. What can I say?! I love my foie gras ;)

Lamb Two Ways $40
This was the special of the day which Ben ordered, the protion was huge but too bad we only like half of it. Love the gamey taste and fatty moist of the roast but the shank (underneath the beans) was super dry and tough :(

Three Milk Mascapone Cake $12
~ roasted almond gelato & blood orange cream
 Love the presentation but it's really not what I was expecting.... I was thinking it'll be a super creamy cake from the mascapone but it was rather more of a dry and crumbly texture. It's definetly different

Verdict :
Love it ♥ , Chef Hunter definetly change my mind about Scarpetta
Would def recommend it
I'm craving for the spagetti right this moment ;)
I'll be back, maybe for Winter/Summerlicious since they normally have the spagetti on the menu

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  1. Awesome! I'm glad you enjoyed Scarpetta so much more this time around :) Great post.