Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Miss Cora`s Kitchen

Pass by Miss Cora`s Kitchen so many times at Kensington Market but we are either too full or it`s sold out (like here) of the Butterscotch Bacon Cookie that I wanted to try....

This time around, I finally get to eat it (^_^)
Huge Butterscotch Bacon Cookie...yummmmmmmm
This time we bought two, one for each so no fighting over the yummy goodness
It was a chewy cookie with bits of bacon and you can definitely taste the bacon throughout the butterscotch cookie which sort of balance the sweetness

Peanut Butter & Jelly Cookie
This is too pretty not to get one and since we both love my PB & J, this is perfect 

Not sure if you see it but they potted a few cupcakes here and there

Verdict :
I'll def go back for more of both cookies and also try all of their other goodies
With warmer weather, I'll probably be at Kensington Market a lot
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  1. Wow the cookie so so big! haha

    1. You should def try making bacon sth, so good ;)