Monday, April 16, 2012


Got a Teambuy deal of $19 for $40 worth to spend at Margarita's  and why not cause I'm always up for a taco and margaritas (^_^) But what didn't prepare me was the rather pricey menu and the tacky decor.

Guacamole $7.95
~ with homade tartilla chips & salsa
It was ok but def not my favorite and very expensive for such a small portion. There was way too much cilantro in it which was overpowering. It's def not the creamy goodness here that I love.

Enchiladas $14.95
This was rather delicious packed with flavor 

Tacos Caseros $10.95
The sauce was very liquidy and was extremely messy to eat, although the dark color it wasn't that flavourful and the meat was rather dry

Verdict :
The food was ok, not great and the service was rather lacking even though the place was rather empty at lunch hour on the weekend.
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