Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The County General

 Finally made my way to The County General for Brunch, previously Oddfellows location. I have heard so much about their Chicken Sandwich and also their Croque Madame which is voted Best Breakfast Sandwich by Toronto Life.

Love how they got rid of the long communal table from Oddfellow days, it just open up the space instantly with the tables push to one side and the long bar at the back... the long strips of wood on the ceiling and behing the bar just lengthen the place visually (^_^)


Love the tea towel as napkin together with the rooster plate

Spiked Hot Apple Cider & Muskoka Double chocolate Stout

Croque Madame $14
~ Country Ham, Grilled Bread, Bechamel, Fried Egg w/Fries
The ham is slow smoked in house and it's delicious with the messy yolk.... Yummm, this sandwich is best eaten with a knife and fork. 
Really live up to it's name as one of the Beat Breakfast Sandwich in Toronto

Even their fries are very well seasoned and love the slightly spicy housemade ketchup

Fried Chicken Tight Sandwich $14
~ Buttermilk Chicken, Milk Bun, Avocado Chutney, Coriander, Green Onion w/Salade
Have read so much about you that I can't wait to bite into you (^_^)
It did definitely live up to my expectation and since chicken tight is use, it's incredible juicy, moist and tender. Love the contrast of taste and texture with the smooth creamy avocado chutney vs the crispy fatty chicken and a slight burst of flavor from the onions.... too bad it's so tiny =P

Banana Bread French Toast $14
~ Caramelized Banana, Creme Anglaise
Ben wasn't full so we order a 3rd dish, something sweet this time...
It was a let down after 2 great dish (>_<) The banana bread was just toasted, so what make it french toast?!?  It was also incredibly dry and didn't have enough of the creme anglaise...

Verdict :
♥♥♥ both sandwich and will definitely come back for more
I would love to come back for dinner especially for the Roasted Bone Marrow 
Service was also great and friendly (^_^)

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  1. Great post..the chicken thigh sandwich is so unbelievably good :) Yes go for dinner...i recommend it! Can get pricey tho lol

  2. I'm totally coming when I find the time!! :D Beautiful lighting in your second croque madame photo! she's a beaut

  3. Thanks girls =D
    I'm definetly craving for one of these sandwich right now...
    I really want to go for dinner, but Ben is leaving on a business trip for a month by end of March, now I need to find a "eating partner" for April =P

  4. love this post and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  5. I love and follow your blog also. Actually, I saw you at Aroma Espresso Cafe, the new one at Liberty Village...It was cool to see a "real" person behind the blog posts lol. Anywho, I thought about telling you in person how much I love your blog but my bf thought it would be terribly weird and stalker-ish thing to didn't come over. Thanks for the awesome blog!

  6. Thanks girls :)

    And if you see me, you should def come over to say hi... love to know someone out there likes what I'm doing =D

  7. Can't believe I still haven't been here yet.. ahh. I'm probably the only one left by now, haha. I'm up for a Fried Chicken Tight Sandwich any day! And it looks so small.. sometimes sandwiches look small but are filling, but in your case, seems like that's not it. Anyway, great food porn for 11:30pm! Haha