Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rosewater (Winterlicious 2012)

I only make reservation for 2 restaurant this Winterlicious since I had very bad experiences from last Summerlicious here, here and here (>_<). This time I choose Rosewater for Lunch at $20 since I heard some past good licious experience there and I've never been.

Love the high ceiling and how bright it was thanks to those big windows (^_^)

 There's a huge bar by the front, you can definitely see it turn into a club at night

~ Fruity, yummy goodness the way I like it

Truffled Cream of Cauliflower
~ Ice Wine Creme Fraiche

Homemade Chicken Liver Pate
~ Crispy Melba, Mache Salad, Blood Orange Chutney
The Chicken liver itself was very smooth and delicious but I find that there was was too much of the sweet chutney on top (the red glee that cover the pate)

Parsley Crusted Salmon Filet 
~ Steamed Garlic Clams, Yukon Gold Potato and Leek Chowder
Ben order this since I'm not a big fan of cook salmon but I had a few bite and found it delicious. It was moist and perfect with the chowder... also love the simple pretty presentation.

Rosewater Striploin Burger
~ Gruyere Cheese and Mushroom Melt, Country Style Fries
Didn't like the presentation at all, the beef patty was so small compare to the bun and why left it open... when close it's much prettier, but it was a really average burger taste wise as well
 (maybe because I'm spoil by all these yummy burgers here, here and here)

 Pistachio Mandarin Tartlet w/ Raspberry Ice Cream
The tart was served warm and it's just pack with pistachio goodness, even the crust was thin and pack with buttery flavor (^_^)

Red Wine Poached Apple and Berry Cobbler
w/ Vanilla Creme Anglaise
This was served warm as well, although not as good as the first, the fruits was so yummy good

Verdict :
This is one of the better experience I had of licious for a while
The service was quick yet not rush... the food was more than worth the $20
Although the Burger wasn't that great, it was not horrible or anything.
I would definitely recommend this place especially for the licious 
(maybe I'll be back for Summerlicious later this year)

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  1. YAY for good 'licious experience! Very good value for $20 considering the place and food :)

  2. I actually haven't heard of Rosewater before until recently when I saw people checking in there, lol. Horray for Foursquare. I think the desserts actually look the tastiest here, haha. I don't usually order burgers at restos but have been doing so more and more recently :)

  3. The desserts were definetly my fave, was very impress since it was only a $20 lunch