Thursday, August 25, 2016

Campo Viejo Winery [Longrono - Spain]

I actually won part of my Spain Trip from Campo Viejo (@campoviejowines) #LiveUncorked picture contest on Instagram and one of the highlight was getting a personal tour of the winery.

As we drove up to the winery, we can't help but be amaze at how big the vineyard is but guess what, that's only part of it since Campo Viejo have vineyards all over the area and they also buy from small local growers. No wonder they are one of the biggest wine exporter in the world.

Love how they are promoting through art and it's so colorful which make you feel happy just looking at them, here's something quoted from their website :

Campo Viejo inspires a life that’s more colourful and invites everyone to Live Uncorked. This is why we enjoy working with Okuda & Remed, two acknowledged urban artists with a distinctive style, to capture the expressiveness of Campo Viejo wines through urban art.
Winemaking and art have a lot in common. Just like urban artists who use city streets and spray paints to express their vision of a ‘life more colourful’, our winemakers use Rioja as their canvas and the Tempranillo grape as their brush to create wines which are full of character and authenticity.
Campo Viejo winemakers and Remed & Okuda are bringing ‘Live Uncorked’ to the streets of major cities around the world with a series of #StreetsOfColour events, which invite people to enjoy the artistry of our wines and the live creation of urban artwork.

It's not only a stop for wine lovers but also architecture!!! Architect Ignacio Quemada build the 45,000 sq.m winery underground to preserve the amazing scenery/environment which is also perfect for aging and storing wine. Love all the concrete walls which gave it an industrial look. And the architect even worked closely with the winemaker which resulted with warm natural light seeping through that gave it a very traditional Chateau winery feel.

A library of all the wines they have even made!

Love the super high ceiling of this basement cellar which make it all that more impressive.

Tasting Lab

Huge, just huge....

Use mostly French Oak but also some American Oak barrels.

After aging in oak barrel, more time are spend in the bottles.

Tasting Room

Can you believe that Rioja Gran Reserva wine have to age at least 2 years in oak barrel and another 3 years in bottle and it's still sold at such an affordable price. The long aging process makes the wine so smooth and vibrant with a very sweet and polished tannis. And they have specific labels at the back which is recognize by the government, without that they can't call their wine Rioja.

The Dominio Campo Viejo Rioja was their higher end wine but it still under €15. Using grapes from 5 differnet plot which is fermented in stainless steel at 25ยบC, macerated with skin for a long 28 days and then aged in 2 types of French oak for 11 months. Love the fragrant soft tannic and the thick concentration on the palate.

Although they are more known for their red wine, they also have a white. Felix Azpilicueta is their private labels that's only available at the winery and restaurants in Spain.

This vintage 2012 Coleccion Privada Felix Azpilicueta Blancois is barrel fermented which gave it it's nuances with very subtle oak scents, orange and floral note with fresh acidity. This is a limited release of 12,000 bottles and won The Golden Nose's Best White Wine of Spain award.

We were also treated to a catered lunch, too bad it was so windy and raining outside or else it would be an amazing view.

And here's my picture turn into art to the actual bottle *LOVE

What an eye opener for the both of us, never been to such a huge winery before.
Only wish we had time to visit another winery.
Love the amount of attention and time put into their wine and yet still so affordable!!!
Only wish I could have bought more bottles back to Toronto.. hoping we have a wider Spanish wine selection here in the near future...

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