Friday, July 22, 2016

Travel Tips [Travel]

After my Packing Tips post here, I decided to share some of my Travel Tips. Some I have been doing for years and some I learn from my recent trip.

  • Download a Map app of the city in advance, one that doesn't need date/WiFi to use. 
  • Ben is usually the one responsible for this and he uses CityMaps2Go where he'll pin all the places we plan/want to go in advance. This will save time and trouble so we could go to all the places close to each other on the same day etc (no going back and forth). There's even different pin colors you can use which is perfect for OCPD (Obsessive-Compulsive Planning Disorder) people like me, I swear just a little bit (^_<) 
  • It's a bit slow since it's offline but it does show your current location, so you won't get lost.

Guide Book
  • One will be especially helpful if you do not plan to join any local /walking tours.
  • For our Spain trip, we bought Rich Steven's Spain Guide Book and we love all the tips and suggestions in it. 
  • We especially love the self guided tours in it, basically you will hear and go to the same places if you were to join a local walking tour (trust me we bump into a few and they were explaining the same things). This not only save us money but also allow us to do it at our own pace and time. 
  • It even includes some popular Museum guide with artwork explanation etc and what you'll find in each section.
  • He have star reviews of all the places, so you may want to skip some of the one or two stars attractions 
Museums & Attractions
  • I recommend to check online beforehand if you need to buy tickets in advance etc.
  • Or there may be a Free Admission day or time which could save you quite a bit of money.
  • For Spain, we went through quite a bit of trouble since the popular attractions and museums who sells tickets for specific entrance time (you can stay as long as you want). We learn this the hard way, we stop by an attraction in the morning and tickets for immediate entry was sold out and we end up having to get tickets for later that afternoon which means we have to go back (waste of money and time) and for another spot, tickets was sold out for the entire day on our last day in the city which means we won't be seeing it.
  • If you plan to got to certain Churches, Temple or Mosque on your trip, make sure to check in advance if certain type of clothing is allow and which are not (covered arms and legs?)... seems a rather small detail but if it's summer, you may not have packed those clothing.

Do you have any travel tips to share?!?

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