Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hale Coffee Company

 Love discovering new coffee places and have been meaning to visit Hale Coffee Company (@halecoffeeTO) for a while but it a bit out of our way.
Beans are roasted in house here with beans roasted to order with delivery through Toronto and shipping all through Canada.

Also love the spacious space here. 
I just love the "blocks" counter with the word "Hale" hiding there, can you see it?

Love the colorful sofas... and the metal cute on the ceiling which all look very DIY..

 Cappuccino has the perfect balance of  bitter dark roast flavor and just a slight acidity to it.

They also serve Station Cold Brew, doesn't it look like a glass of cold stout with the perfect foam/pour. Also love how it's served really cold without adding ice, so perfectly refreshing.

Love the space, the friendly atmosphere and the coffee.

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