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Calle del Laurel : Tapas Crawl [Longrono - Spain]

Calle del Laurel is a must visit for when you are in Longrono, it's basically a small pedestrian street fill with tapas bar. Amazing tapas, cheap drinks and a super energetic friendly atmosphere with a mix of all sort of different people from the old to the young, pilgrims, tourist, businessman and a lot of bachelor/rette parties when we arrive on a Saturday night. It was fun seeing them since the bride/groom-to-be have to dress up in funny crazy costume here.

The place start filling up starting from around 8:00pm and get super packed by 9:00-10:00pm.
Note that dinner time are rather late throughout Spain, a lot of dinner places doesn't open until 9:00pm and it was a rather difficult adjustment for us who are use to dinner by 7:00pm.

Everything is close during the day....
Note that everything is close on Sunday, all shop and businesses even restaurants and supermarket and it was rather difficult to find anything to eat during the day. Fortunately they open up at night.

Each place have a specialty, so people would just hop from place to place only eating certain dish.
Some you will notice right away what their specialty is or just look at what everyone else is ordering.
And note that there's no seating for most places, it's standard to stand at tapas bar and the space are usually pretty small packed with people. All the small sizes dishes (tapas) are served with bread or on bread, so don't worry of them being not filling.

Spanish Omelet (Tortilla de Patatas)
It's made with eggs and potato which looks like a small torte/cake. Love all the fluffy layers and the hot sauce here are delicious. 

Beer on tap or wine are usually very cheap here for €1 -2 per glass. Since we are bar hopping which means having a drink with a tapas at each place, love how they have a small serving size available (1/4 pint?)

Shrimp €5.00  

Tuna Tartare
You rarely see those type of presentation at tapas bar

Palpo a la Gallega
~ see below for explanation, this one wasn't that good.

Croquetas de jambon 1.60

Foie Fresco €3.30
 Look at this huge perfectly cooked piece of foie gras for only €3.30 each

Morro de Cerdo a la brasa
Grilled pork cheek was totally flavourful and cripy, perfect amount of fattiness which was perfect with a glass of cold beer.

Chuletillas de cordero lechal a la brasa
This roasted lamb ribs was what attracted us in the first place and it didn't disappoint, the lamb here are so flavorful without the gaminess. I also have to mentioned that all the roasted peppers we had in Spain are all very delicious.   

Caracoles a la Riojana
~ Snails Riojan Way

Chanterelle Mushroom
Nothing special, just freshly made to order fresh yummy mushrooms

Palpo a la Gallega
Octopus that's boiled then chopped and sprinkled with salt, paprika and olive oil. It is tradition to serve it on wooden plate along with boiled potato and as usual served with a side of bread. Both olive oil and paprika from Spain are amazing, so it's really yummy to dip the bread in. The octopus here are cooked to perfection and so tender although of the huge size.

Yes you will see plenty of €1 glass of wine here in Spain when you go out and even less than €1 bottle of wine at supermarkets.

Gordillas de Corderito
Love the Crispy fatty deep fried lamb pieces, perfect with a drink

Don't remember what type of meat was the moruno which means skewers

We are in wine region, so why not a Rioja Wine Gelato

The Old Town of Logrono

Love this Calle del Laurel street a lot, one of our favorite exoerience from Spain.
Not only it's super tasty, it's rather affordable or even cheap compare to the other city we visited.

Since you are bar/tapas hopping and most likely only order 1-2 tapas (small dish) per place and still want a drink since it's so cheap... try to order smaller sizes like 1/4 pint beer while wine comes in small glasses anyway. Trust me cause it all adds up and you do get super full at the end of the night.

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