Thursday, September 12, 2013

Xin Jiang Restaurant [Chinese]

Although living close by, this is only the 3rd time I have been there at Xin Jiang Restaurant and for lunch this time. Never thought of taking pictures and write about it but thought I should. One thig I love about this place is that the menu comes with a lot of pictures which is always great if you are not familiar with the cuisine.

Lamb & Fennel Dumplings $5.99
This was surprisingly good with lamb juices squirting out after a bite, the black vinegar wasn't really necessary. I have had lamb dumpling at other places in Toronto and they were either flavorless or way too gamey for my taste.

BBQ Lamb Kabob $1.99/ea
One of the best lamb kabob in the city, perfectly grilled and seasoned.

BBQ Beef Thin Tendon $1.99/ea
This was the first time we try thin tendon on it's own like that and on a skewers. It's usually my fave part when eating beef brisket. This was a bit tough and chewy which I like but thought it wasn't grilled properly and sort of cold.

Braised Lamb served over Nan $18.99
The presentation of the picture looked really good and we just had to order it. Thought it would be much smaller but it was actually a 8" nann and more than 1" thick. It was a rather large dish and after only one slice I had enough. I personally love the lamb but thought the nann was was too heavy and on the sweet side. But I guess it was just me cause Ben loved it and end up eating 4 slices. I would have prefer it with a bowl of rice with the lamb and the yummy sauce.

West Chinese Style Lamb Rice $5.99
This look rather plan with just barely a few pieces of lamb but the rice was infuse with flavor. No idea what the rice was made with but loved it, especially with the lightly pickled cabbage on the side which gave it contrast in flavor and texture.

Verdict :
Great lamb dishes and one of the best lamb skewers in Toronto.
Would love to come back for dinner with more friends and try their spicy dishes

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  1. Braised Lamb served over Nan seems good, think it is the taste of North East of China.............

  2. The fry rice seems too looked like steamed more than fried.