Thursday, September 19, 2013

LIL' BACI [Brunch]

One Saturday we decided to head to Leslieville for some ice cream/gelato but had to find a place for to eat first. We decided on LIL' BACI (@LilBaci) since I received a Strum reward for a free pizza. We pass by it many time and never thought of going in during the day since it always look empty....

The reason why it look so empty up front was because everyone was at the cute back patio....

Raspberry Lemonade $3.50 & Lil' Baci Bloody Caesar $7

 Lil Baci Baked Eggs $12
~ two eggs, roasted tomato, smoked provolone, Italian sausage, basil
 Love this; it was hot, warm, yummy and comforting. Def not your usual boring egg & sausage or poached eggs. All the flavor are just right without being too heavy or salty.

Margherita Pizza $13
~ toma, basil, mozzarella
 Got this with my free Strum reward, love the crispy thin crust and the fresh basil on top that was put on after being bake. My only complain, the cheese was a bit on the salty side which cover up the yummy flavor of the tomato sauce.

Verdict :
Nice back patio for brunch
Love the Baked Eggs, def a must try

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  1. leisure place and good food, every thig seems yummy.