Wednesday, September 25, 2013

THR & Co.

I still haven't got a chance to go back to The Harbord Room (post here) and the mastermind behind it, have already open THR & Co. (@THRandCo) down the street.

The space is much more spacious, brighter and open than it's sister restaurant.  And unlike The Harbord Room, they have larger tables available. 
Love the vintage retro feel to the place with all the mix of colors from the mustard sofa, the wicker chairs, pink bar stools to the teal and red leather booths.

SOA $11
~ Trombra Tequila, Wild Berry & Balsamic Shrub, Fresh Lime & Ginger Beer
Loved this drink, it had just enough sweetness, acid and a def kick from the ginger beer.

Martinez $23
Forgot the exact ingredient, it was Ben's drink. Take a sip but didn't really like the herb-y flavor.

Fresh Burrata & Watermelon $13
~ avocado, pickled rind, arugula sprouts, sunflower seeds & vincotto
Love burrata and love the bright refreshing flavors here. Love the yellow and red watermelon wheel together with the pickled rind with the burrata... combination of sweet, sour and creamy goodness.

Beef Heart Tartare $12
~ Espelette Mayo, Green Olive Relish, Cured Duck Yolk, Crispy Tendon & Banyuls Vinegar
I thought it was slightly salty and sour... can't completely taste the yummy beef flavor. But love the presentation, especially the attention to details.

Braised Oxtail Cavatelli $12/18
~ Broccoli Rabe, Tomato, Parsley Crumb & Queso Seco
 We order the small portion and I sort of regretted it since it was so good. The cavatelli was cook perfectly, perfectly tender oxtail and the added texture from the crumb plus the saltiness of the cheese on top. We licked the plate clean.

 Slow Cooked Lamb Neck "Osso Bucco" $23
~ Harissa, Braising Juices, Dried Currant & pine nut Gremolata 
It was so tender, moist and flavorful. Just love everything about this dish.
Love how the topping are cut so small that gave the presentation such a whimsical feel to it.

Okanagan Peach Crumble $10
~ Wildflower Honey Oat Streusel, Candied Ginger & Corn Ice Cream
What not to love about a dessert served piping hot but with fresh in season sweet peaches and I was pleasantly surprise that the corn ice cream go so perfectly well together.

Even love the postcard that came with the bill (^_^)

Verdict :
Love everything we had and can't wait to come back to try some different dishes.
Love the decor and Perfect cocktail, food and service.

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  1. I would like to take the Lamb Neck and Okanagan Peach Crumble, actually I like lamb quite much, some time I would cook at home.