Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Purple Pig [Chicago]

I just realize that I haven't finish posting about my April trip to Chicago. So here's an obvious Chicago stop since it's the #1 talk of the town on Urbansppon ; The Purple Pig (@ThePigChicago) and since they didn't take reservation we end up waiting for about an hour. Good thing is that we got a spot to sit and wait at the back with a bottle of wine ;)

With the popularity of the place, I am surprise that it didn't expand and stay at such a small spot.
I notice that it's the norm to have the heat rather high in Chicago, we were basically sweating everywhere we went and with the open kitchen here, it wasn't helping... and you will smell of meat and oil when you leave.

Perrin & Fils Vinsobres Les Cornuds 2007, Vallee du Rhone, France $54
Round and full bodied red that goes perfectly with the hearty fare.

 Menu clips on the light on top of our communal table

Roasted Bone Marrow w/ Herbs $12
This is what it is, 2 big fatty bone marrow served with a lot of bread and can I say the bread was divine... cut thick, lots of butter and well toasted w/ burnt edges ♥

 Fried Pig's Ear w/ Crispy Kale, pickled cherry peppers & fried Egg $8
Love the presentation in the piggy bowl and everything taste better with an egg on top right?
That aside, I love kale and pig's ear... but wish restaurant would embrace pig's ear texture rather than having a batter to fight it. Nonetheless it was tasty when mixed together but thought it was a tad salty.

"JLT" Pork Jowl Tomato, Frisée & Fried Egg $12
This was probably my favorite dish of the night with the thick slice of their yummy bread, salty and crisp pork topped w/ a perfectly cook duck egg.

Milk Braised Pork Shoulder w/Mashed Potatoes $12
This was the dish that everyone online recommended but it was so salty that we couldn`t finish it.... it's not just us but heard the girls next to us saying the same thing as well, so it's not our Torontonian/Chinese palate (>_<)

Fried Brussel Sprouts w/Thyme, Lemon & chilli flakes $7

Pork Sweetbreads w/ Fennel & Apricots $13
Probably the worst presentation ever but it was definitely a steal with so many piece of sweetbreads at that price. It was good but something was somehow missing, some kind of sauce maybe?

Bread Pudding w/masala & citrus $6
~ raisin, caramel sauce & whipped cream
 You know I can't never pass on a good bread pudding, this had a very homey feel to it but it wasn't delicious enough for us to finish it... dense and heavy, not in a good way.

 Affogato $7
~ Espresso served over soft served ice cream
 Love the presentation and how it's soft served ice cream instead of the regular vanilla ice cream.
♥ it and wish we had order one each instead of sharing this one.

Verdict :
Not very impress after hearing all the buzz about the place
Definitely not worth the stress of waiting for over an hour (I do prefer places w/reservation)
Great Value, can't get any of the dishes at that price in Toronto

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