Thursday, October 3, 2013

Linda Modern Thai ~ Thai Select [EVENT]

I was one of the lucky one who got invited to Linda Modern Thai (@LindaModernThai) to celebrate their recent Thai Select Premium Status.

Thai Select Or Thai Select Premium certification identifies Thai restaurant that offer at least 60% authentic Thai foods on their menus. They also imply that these restaurants employ the same or similar cooking methods as in Thailand, and may import ingredient from Thailand. 

And currently the Thai Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) and Thailand's Ministry of Commerce agency is launching a marketing campaign in support of the launch of it's Thai Select Cuisine program to the Canadian Market through print, website, social media and special events.

In Canada there are currently only 4 Thai restaurants awarded this high designation.

 Mieng Kum
~ Linda's signature appetizer, meaning "many things in one bite"
I had this the last time I was at Linda and I have to say I never had this before then although I had my share of Thai food in my life time. All you need to do is pick up a leave, put a bit of everything on it and wrap it up and eat.

Love Love Love their Nam Prik Pao sauce with the shrimp cracker ♥

Pla Tu Nam Prik (Crispy Fish w/ Dipping Sauce)
~ a traditional Thai dish made for sharing, crispy mackerel eaten w/ a spicy dipping sauce

Chicken and Shrimp Lard (Lettuce Wrap)
~ traditional Thai Lettuce wraps with cashews, vermicelli, water chestnuts & nam prik pao

Our starters was paired with a Singha Beer which is a German Style Lager brewed in Thailand and of course Coconut Water.

Modern Mango Salad
~ their take on the classic mango salad combining Ontario greens, Asian Vegetables & fresh mangoes
It basically all cilantro and mango... good thing I didn't order this since cilantro is probably the only thing in the world that I don't eat.

Thai Lobster Bisque
~ made with lots and lots of lobsters, a bit of butter and Thai herbs

 Tom Yum Soup w/ Mushrooms
~ a classic Thai soup made w/ their own stock, enoki, beech & mitake mushrooms
I love tom yum soup but wish this was spicier (^_^)

Red Snapper w/ Rustic Chili Sauce
~ whole fried red snapper w/ garlic, yellow bean and chili sauce
I can't believe I am going to say it since I am not a fan of cook fish but this was one of my fave dish of the night. The fish was cook perfectly and the sauce was just amazing.

Stewed Duck w/ Chestnuts
~ duck stewed in red-rice-wine sauce until fall-off-the-bone tender w/ chestnuts
This duck was deboned and was so tender that you don't even need a knife, just use the spoon they provided. I feel like this was more of a Chinese dish than Thai but I love it.... too bad it's not on their regular menu.

Pineapple Yellow Curry (Vegetarian)
~ pineapple & vegetables in a sweet yellow curry blended with coconut

Crispy Beef Panang
~ Linda's signature curry, crispy & tender beef brisket in their own Panang curry
This is indeed their signature dish and definitely my fave dish of the night. It was so good and I will definitely come back for more.

Royal Pad Thai
~ one of the best Pad Thai's in the city, cook using the same recipe for the past twenty years
The above is their own description and not mine since I though it was rather bland (>_<)

Chocolate Lava Cake, Thai Tea Caramel, Coconut Ice Cream

 On top of the amazing meal, we also got this amazing gift bag to bring home.

Verdict :
Linda is no doubt one of the more authentic Thai restaurant in Toronto
Will def  be coming back real soon & hopefully with a few friends so was can share more dishes.

Congrats to Linda Modern Thai once again for being awarded Thai Select Premium Status

*** This meal was complimentary. Opinions are my own***
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  1. Because I can't eat hot spicy food too much, not so often go to Thai restaurant, but this one seem some food aren't spicy, just like Stewed Duck w/ Chestnuts and Royal Pad Thai, I would like to try.