Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Abbey`s Kitchen Stadium - #AKS Battle 3 [EVENT]

After my post on Battle 1 here and Battle 2 here, you should be familiar with the idea behind Abbey`s Kitchen Stadium #AKS and of course I kept supporting the great cause of the new local initiative My food My Way (MFMW) by attending Battle 3.
 The secret ingredient was All the Best Fine Foods' Apple Sauce

Abbey (@AbbeysKitchen), our beautiful host with the 4 all-stars Chefs competing in Battle #3:
Carl Heinrich (Richmond Station, Food Network's Top Chef Winner!)
Dave Sidhu (Playa Cabana)
Thomas Davis (The Stockyards)
Dustin Gallagher (Acadia, Food Network's Top Chef Competitor)

Apple Braised Pork Ribs w/ Apple Fennel Slaw

Apple Cinnamon Creamsicle w/ Walnuts Gingerbread
Creamy goodness with the perfect caramelized cinnamon apple with just the right amount of crunch and spice from the walnut gingerbread.

 Thomas Davis 

Deep Fried Korean Quail
~ w/ apple chili glaze served over an apple buttermilk biscuit
Being a big fan of their DF chicken and everything else, I was rather disappointed with the quail since it was cold and soggy (>_<)

 Smoked Duck Spam
~ with simple mash, broccoli greens & apple mushroom gravy
Thought this was the most inventive dish of the day, love the smokiness of the duck spam and it's saltiness goes perfectly with the sweet mash & gravy.

Dave Sidhu 

 Tamales w/ Apple Braised Lamb & Chihuahua Cheese w/ Salsa Manzana
This was one portion, best deal of the day and doesn't hurt that it was perfect. 
Love both of them a lot.

 Apple Sauce Churros
This somehow tasted different which the chef later explain that they added apple sauce not only to the filling but also to the churros batter itself. This was made fresh on the spot which made the line slightly slower and longer but it was all worth it at the end.

Apple BBQ Quail w/ celery and sorrel
 This was incredible tasty with sticky sauce that adhere so well and the perfectly cook moist quail.
Quail can be easily over or under cook but this was perfect with the side of crunchy apple slaw.

 Apple Tarte Tatin w/ Spiced Creme Anglais
 This was the cutest presentation with the "melon-baller" apples rounds on top and not only that, it was delicious. Served warm, the apple was perfectly caramelized and the crust perfectly flacky and buttery good.

The 5 judges for Battle 3 are Vikram Vij (Celebrity Restauranteur), Alex Lifeson (Rush Guitarist & Rock Hall of Famer), Liem Vu (Host for Global TV's The Morning Show), Dee Brun (Cocktail Deeva, Stephen and Chris Show) and Susan Merry (Owner, All the Best Fine Foods)

 And just like the last 2 time, I guess the winner right once again :

And of course goodies to bring home (^_^)

 Battle 3 was better than ever, just can't wait until the Championship Finale happening Sunday Oct 27th at the Delicious Food Show where the winner from each battle plus a wild-card will compete for the ultimate win.

Finale Competitors are :
Bruce Woods (Woods Restaurant)
Rodney Bowers (
Hey Meatball)
Dustin Gallagher (Acadia, Food Network's Top Chef Competitor)
Matt Basile (Lisa Marie/ Fidel Gastros)

Admission to AKS Finale is included with admission to the Delicious Food Show
Get your tickets here

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