Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Le Cafe Michi [Japanese/Cafe]

Have been hearing raves about this place for a while but have never been although being so close by, we did finally drop by during summer and it was closed for renovation. Then at the end of August we finally made in to Le Cafe Michi after all these years.

Love all the cake display when we walk in.

Seaweed Salad & Chef's Salad that came with the meal/combo

Cafe au lait Chirashi $36.95
~ the price include salad, a slice of cake & tea/coffee
The sashimi was fresh and delicious but I find it a bit pricey compare to my other favorite places but it's the perfect solution to fix my chirashi craving without heading downtown.

Choyo Bento $24.95
~ the price include salad, a slice of cake & tea/coffee

 Love the 3 layers of the bento, small but packed a lot.
Karaage (Deep Fried Chicken), Sashimi & Unajyu (eel) on Sushi Rice
Love the crispy goodness of the karaage with the flavorful and thin batter and event he eel tasted better than so moist and flavorful.

Earl Grey Saffron Cake & Japanese Sake Cake
Japanese cakes are usually lighter and less sweet, these were no exception and I loved it. 
Love the lightness of the earl grey but the strong sake chocolate cake can't be beat (^_^) 2 of our fave things in one, what else could we ask for.

Love everything we had but it's definitely a splurge 
Would come back for more or come back to grab some dessert to go
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