Tuesday, October 8, 2013

ESÉ antojitos by Toronto Popup [EVENT]

Went to Toronto Popup (@Toronto_PopUp) dinner featuring ESÉ (@ESEsuavecito) a few weeks ago. This is the 2nd event I went to by Toronto Popup and I like it just as much as the 1st; seats are limited so make sure to follow them on twitter for their next event.

It's a five course dinner at $40pp with optional wine or beer pairings evolve around Mexican small plates / antojitos which means little cravings.

Peter & Ryan, the duo behind the L.A. style Mexican popup ESÉ.

Arpège Egg
~ Coddled yolk, housemade chorizo, goat cheese mash, tortilla spear
This was the reason why I bought the tickets to this event as soon as I heard about it after trying and loving it at The Stop's Night Market here. It was just as good as I remember with all the layers of flavors and textures; just wished I had more than one. My fave dish of the night (^_^)

Poutine Con Yuca
~ Yucca frites, beef brisket, ancho, huitacoche gravy, queso
A more starchy and drier texture than your regular potato, it was topped with tender beef brisket but wished it had some sort of sauce to it and some sort of pop/contrast of flavor.

Taco de Jamaica
~ Sauteed hibiscus flowers, onions, ancho, cojita, chopped avocado, handpressed corn tortilla

Pollo Frito
~ Fried Chicken wing, molé sauce

Jackfruit Rojo
~ Braised Jackfruit in three-shile sauce, corn nuts, cilantro, onions, housemade taqueria sauce

Definitely very interesting ingredient for our 3rd course (jackfruit & hibiscus flowers) and the wing was just perfectly crispy and moist but wish it had a tad more of the delicious molé sauce.

Cochinita Pibil
~ Slow roasted pork shoulder braised in achiote and citrus, poblano rice, pickled onions
Love the pickled onions here with the pork shoulder on top of the yummy creamy fluffy pablano rice but unfortunately some of rice was undercooked.

Tomalito + Saffron Horchata Ice Cream
~ Sweet corncake, dulce de leche, edible flowers, safron, horchata icecream, canela
Athough there was a bit of wait for the dessert, it was all worth it since this was extra yummy. Love the moist sweet corncake which was the result of baking in a water bath; it was packed with fresh corn flavor. Served warm, it was perfect with the horchata ice cream and the dulce de leche.

Verdict :
Another great event by Toronto Popup and can't wait until their next event.
Definetly a big fan of ESÉ, hope to see more of them


  1. I agree it was very well presented and delicious. The room looked great too.

  2. Arpège Egg looked quite interested, but I would like to know what is the red thing in the glass?