Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Steam Kitchen [Chinese - Richmond Hill]

Sometime we too many food events going on during the week, we try to stay uptown and lay low on the weekends. We headed to one of our favorite Chinese restaurant that Saturday only to realize that it's closed down.... so we went to Steam Kitchen which we saw last time we were in the area.

As the name suggest, they have mostly steam dishes and we were especially attracted to those mini pot of steam soup. After taking a sip, it was so good that we decided to order another one. 
It's steam/cook in the small pot where all the flavors are sealed in which make it so delicious and intense in flavor.

Mushroom & Conch Soup  $4.99
+ $1.00 for a Lotus Leaf Sticky Rice Wrap 
The wrap was just not that great and super mini, so not worth the extra $1.
But the soup flavor was intense, love the conch and the super intense mushroom flavors.

Watercress Soup $4.99
This is my all time favorite Chinese soup at home, so we just had to try and it was just as good although I find it a tad too sweet... I think it's from the big Chinese dry date for such a small pot

 Crispy Rice in Soup w/ Shrimp $6.95
 I know this is not steam but love it especially the Chinese pickled veggies in it although the rice wasn't crispy at all.

 Steam Pork Short Ribs & Pumpkin w/ Black Bean Sauce on rice $5.99
~ lunch special include a drink, I ordered the Hong-Kong Style Milk Tea
 This definitely doesn't look like the picture in the menu, the ribs are so space in the dish. Wish they used a smaller deeper dish so that the meat will cover the surface (the norm for this type of rice dish).
And there was barely any thin slices of the pumpkin, with it was thicker chucks instead which will give better texture.

Saw a lot more of the other dishes that's only available for dinner that's interesting
The soups do sell out, so better come early.
We'll definitely be back if only for the soup since it was so good.

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