Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fresh Canteen [EVENT]

I was invited to Fresh Canteen (@FreshCanteen) Media Launch 2 weeks ago which took place at the gorgeous Market Kitchen in St. Lawrence Market. Love the meal-in-a-box-ready-to-cook concept which is basically delivery of ready to cook, packed & pre-measured of fresh ingredients/meal in a refrigerated box.

There are always 6 recipes to choose from every week, each recipe is available for two weeks with 3 new ones rotated in every week. 
Delivery take place every Tuesday between 12:00 to 8:00pm and with the refrigerated recyclable box, no need to wait for delivery.
In the box, you'll find all the ingredients including all the spices/seasoning and a step by step recipe card with easy to understand photo instructions. 
Most recipe will take you 35 minutes or less from start to finish with only the basic tools/equipments.

There was plenty of yummy appetizers to go around while we waited for everyone.

 This is the 1st time I've been to a hand-on cooking event and I was pretty excited plus I got to share my station w/ my foodie bestie Justine (@foodigatorJ)

Seared Duck Breast w/ Garam Masala & Sauteed Grapes
Love how the recipe is rolled up and sits right on top, it's like un-rolling a surprise (^_^)

My 1st time cooking duck, so excited and it was easier that I ever thought it would be.

 This is a 2 person portion but I feel like it could def feed 3-4people with the salad plus the huge portion of mash potato and all of these was in the box.

Started by peeling the potato and boiling it for the mash.
 The duck breast is next, scoring it and then seasoning w/ salt, pepper and the garam masala.

Searing the duck breast, rendering the fat and it goes in the oven

Deglazing the pan balsamic, cinnamon and the grapes.

 Et voila !!!

It probably took us more than 35 minutes here, mainly because we had to work with a small work station and everything is not conveniently located as a kitchen should be (sink, stove top, oven etc).

Of course desserts to end this amazing event.
And I am so grateful that they went out to get container for us to take the leftover home, would have hated to waste such a yummy dish especially since I make it (^_^)

 Cost of Fresh Canteen :
 The minimum order is $60 (that is 2 recipes serving 2 people) and after that $10 per serving w/ minimum 2 serving per recipe.

That's a great deal considering how much take-out or delivery cost these days... these are real gourmet meal at home. Personally I like to cook but my main difficulties are finding time to go do the grocery and having all the ingredients on-hand the day of. And with this in mind, I tend to buy way too much which result in leftovers and unused ingredients going bad.

Fresh Canteen totally solve my dilemma but I was devastated to learn that they don't deliver to my location (uptown).

We were given a box of their Mock Butter Chicken to take home at the end of the event and encourage us to put our own twist to it. I end up sticking to the recipe except for adding some Oyster Mushroom to it since it was sitting in the fridge =P
The main reason I stick to the recipe is because I find the whole purpose of a meal-in-a-box like this one is to avoid thinking, really!!! Or else I would have just took whatever is in my fridge and throw something together.

*** This was complimentary. Opinions are my own***

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  1. ooo adding grapes to a meat dish... nice idea! I'll have to try that!