Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Emerson [Candian/Bistro]

A friend have been raving about Emerson (@EmersonToronto) for a while now and saw how packed it was when I passed by when I had dinner a few door down at The Whippoorwill here. We made reservation for a Saturday night and we arrive at a pack space with a very casual crowd including family gathering with kids.

I actually love the space with all the random objects as if a antique shop turn into a restaurant at night. The space was also rather large and go all the way to a back room which you can't even see from the picture below.

 A small open kitchen by the bar which throw out dishes at an alarming speed.

La Chamiza, Malbec $55

Fried Sweetbread Poutine $9
Love everything from the light battered sweetbread to the gravy which was the perfect consistency and flavor to the bits of cheese curds.

Tartine $8
~ daily special
Just as bright and flavorful as it look

Butternut Squash Gratin $5 (side)
This is one of the most generous side at $5 I have ever had and it was super delicious. I could easily eat this as my main (^_^)

 Brussels Sprouts w/ Bacon Vinaigrette $5 (side)
This was rather small side compare to the last one. Note that you can also order all 5 sides for $20.

 Spicy Lamb Shank, Gnocchi $16
The only thing I had to complain about was that it wasn't the least spicy but otherwise it was fall off the bone good. It was definitely a hearty dish for the colder nights ;)

 10oz Ribeye, Bearnaise, Yorkshire Pudding $21
We were both attracted to the Yorkshire pudding and that's the main reason we order this and frankly compare to the lamb dish, it just didn't look as good. But the Bearnaise sauce was the star here.

 Seasonal Pie ~ Berry Crumble Pie $7
Love how not sweet it was, actually I think there was barely any sugar used which allow you to get the full flavor of the berries plus the added flavor and crunch from the almond from the crumble on top with a super thin crust.

 Verdict :
Affordable price with rather large portion
Great service, all the waiters kept checking if everything was ok
Have to come back for the pot pie and the rest of the sides, speaking of which I am craving for the butternut squash gratin right now 

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  1. It seems a good place to go with friends.........