Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cafe Pamenar

As you may already notice, I am always in search for a coffee place to chill on the weekend. We decided to try out Cafe Pamenar (@cafepamenar) after our desert stop here in Kensington Market.

Love the long narrow space with the super long counter and they have both front + back patio.
Free wifi and electric outlet are available, which is great if you want to hangout for a bit.

Love the back patio

Missed on the foam/latte art... it sort of look like ``ahem, a certain private area``

 Cappuccino $3.10
The barista definitly redeemed herself on my second cup and me ordering a 2nd definetly mean I liked it. It was a darker traditional roast which I like.

 Love all the details from the wood back board to the scale table for cream & sugar.

Just love the lighting along the bar

Verdict :
Will be back, maybe with my laptop this time to work on a post or two (?_?)
Love their cappuccino
Will definitely come back to try their drip and their Sakanjebin which is a traditional Persian drink with mint, cucumbers and lemon (guess it`ll be almost like a mojito without the alcohol)

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  1. It is good to enjoy a cup of coffee in a leisurely place...........

  2. The Patio seems good for people to enjoy a cup of coffee leisurely.....