Tuesday, March 22, 2016

County in the City 2016 [Contest]

I'm giving away a pair of tickets to 
County in the City 2016

I went to County in the City (@drinkincevents) 2 years in a row and I had such an amazing time, I am lucky enough to be invited back again this year plus an additional pair to give away to my readers. Being a big supporter of local wineries, I can't wait to see what's new in Price Edward County (PEC).

There'll be more than 70 different PEC wines to sample and then you can buy your favorites with free shipping on 12 bottles or more since most of the wines featured are not available in the LCBO.

 Date & Time:
Thursday April 14, 2016
Ticket Details:  
$49 per ticket in advance including 2 food tickets
Get your tickets here

Good Luck!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Kyouka Ramen [Japanese]

There a new Ramen place and bring the addict that Ben is, we just have to try it out especially after hearing so many good thing about Kyouka Ramen (@KyoukaRamen).

The Story (from their website) :

Everything started in 1998, when Mr. Machida, a man of driving ambition, participated in a well-known ramen competition in Japan called ‘Ramen Touryuumon.’ He competed against 344 veteran ramen chefs where he received recommendations and nominations from food critics and well-known ramen shop owners. It was at this competition that inspired Mr. Machida to follow his passion for ramen and opened his Tokyo-based restaurant, called Kyouka.
Mr. Machida became a pioneer of new-age Japanese ramen and pushed past the traditional boundaries and created a new and dynamic understanding for the making of ramen broth. Now, some 15 years later, this radical and revolutionary philosophy of ramen dubbed ‘Kyouka-ism’ has helped transform ramen culture throughout Japanese. Mr. Machida desires for everyone involved with his new movement to find happiness and has freely shared his culinary secrets with his employees and others interested in learning his technique.
Kenji is one of Mr. Machida’s most-aspiring apprentices, and he has travelled to Canada with the hope to bring ‘Kyouka-ism’ to Toronto foodies. He is the Head Chef of ‘Kyouka Ramen’ which is conveniently located on Queen Street East, in the Beach. Kenji describes his ramen as being ‘honest, earnest, and genuine’ – true to ‘Kyouka-ism’ – and he looks forward to pouring his passion into each bowl of ramen.

They mainly serve Chicken Broth Ramen and I have to say it's my favorite so far in Toronto given that I am usually a pork bone broth kind of gal. All their ramen come with the choice of mild, spicy and fire plus you can ordered it fully loaded which is double the toppings for $4 extra.

Shio Ramen - Fully Loaded $15
~ edible kelp stock, daily chicken broth + clam, salt, pork + chicken chashu, egg, seweed, greens, naruto fish cake, special shio tare (liquid seasoning)
Love the combination of the chicken broth with the added clam, you can definitely taste it and this was by far our favorite among the 2 bowl we had. Chicken broth can be oily sometimes but this was perfect and lighter than the pork bone broth. The Egg have a slight alcohol/wine taste to it which was perfectly cooked. The only thing I wasn't a fan of was the chicken chashu which was chicken breast and I find it kind of try and not very flavorful.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Wine and Chocolate 2016 [Niagara-on-the-Lake]

This is the 2nd time that we attended Days of Wine and Chocolate by Wineries of Niagara-on-the-Lake (@NiagaraWine), as usual this is a passport event where you by one pass and get food and wine pairing at 23 different wineries of Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Happening during the month of February each year and valid for Fridays. Saturdays and Sundays; basically the passport is valid for one visit per winery and you can stop by any date on the weekends of February. Next passport events will be Sip & Sizzle in May, so make sure not to miss it (see my post from 2014 & 2015)

The wineries are pretty close to each other so we did pretty well in a day and for those who are not familiar of the area, make sure to grab one of the Wine Route Map available at all the wineries.

2011 Dean's List Meritage
~ paired w/ Chocolate Beef Bites
Mix of 50% Cabernet Franc, 27% Merlot, and 23% Cabernet Sauvignon with dry cherries, fig and a bit of peppery taste to it, this was perfect with the earthy beef bites. Frankly that the ugliest looking bite of the day, totally looks like #2.
Cat Conversation En

Chat Conversation E

2012 Rose Sparkling, Methode Traditionnelle
~ paired w/ Valhrona White Chocolate-Stained Kettle Corn
This was a favorite of my non-wine-drinker friend and I have to agree that the easy drinking sparkling is not only pretty but pairs superbly with the sweet white chocolate corn. What a great way to start the day, dessert for breakfast!

Sand & Gravel Redcoat
~ paired w/ Rossco Spicy Chocolate Brownies
This will always be one of my fave winery with the perfect staff, scenery, a great restaurant (post here) and a bakery (have to try their doughnuts). Love the smokey chipotle of the brownie paired so well with their medium body red blend (this would be amazing with BBQ ribs).

Origin Sparkling Wine
~ paired w/ White Chocolate & Salted Nuts drizzled with Caramel & Sea Salt
We should get more single serving wine in my opinion, sometime when no ones want to share a bottle, it's difficult to finish an entire bottle, especially Sparkling. Loving this can version here. The sparkling have a touch of Vidal Icewine has just the right amount of sweetness with a crisp acidity to it which is very refreshing.

2001 Vidal Icewine
~ paired w/ Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Pecan

One of a Kind Spring Show 2016 [CONTEST]

I'm giving away TEN PAIR of tickets to 

About the show: 
The mission of One of a Kind Show (@ooak_toronto) is to provide a juried marketplace to bring together makers and buyers who share a commitment to handmade excellence. Since it's inception in 1975, it has been cultivating creativity, craftsmanship and connection in order to deliver an unspired shopping experience.

See my last post here from back in 2014 and I have been multiple of time since then. My favorite section being etsy and of course food with plenty of free tasting (^_<)

100 Princes' Blvd, Toronto

 Date & Time:
March 23-27, 2016
Wed-Sat 10am-9pm & Sun 10am-6pm
Late Night Shopping Mar 24th, 10am-11pm

Ticket Details:  
$13 per ticket in advance or $15 at the door 
Get your tickets here

Good Luck!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Neo Coffee Bar

Love the contemporary style of Neo Coffee Bar (@NeoCoffeeBar) among all the rustic ones we have in the city.

Love the bare concrete walls with the contrast of the warm wood accents

Those roll cakes are to die for, need to go back to try the rest 

Cappuccino $3.50 & Matcha Aduki $3.75, a red bean center roll cake was the perfect combo.
 Thought the coffee roast was slightly too light for my personal preference but what a perfectly executed latte art. Love the Japanese style roll cake which is very night and not very sweet.