Monday, May 5, 2014

Oh Geul Boh Geul [Event]

Oh Geul Boh Geul have been one of my go to Korean restaurant for Korean Table BBQ for years and it got even better when they added a patio at the back. Being a big Korean food fan, I was so excited to be invited a few weeks ago for a tasting and got to try some dishes that I never got to try it here.

One of the reason Korean food is awesome, all the free side dishes (banchan).

Really wish we got some rice for these following 3 dishes, they are definitely meant to eaten with rice

LA Ribs - Kalbi (Short Ribs) 
Love kalbi, always perfectly marinated with the perfect amount of fat.

 Grilled Mackerel

 Bulgogi (beef)
Usually love to order the spicy version since I do find this usually too sweet for my liking. If I do eat it, I like it with some spicy kimchi.

Pork Belly BBQ
That's the only type of BBQ that you can enjoy indoor year round in Canada, this is cook at the table.
It usually comes with lettuce, bean sauce, raw garlic slices and rice which you could make your own lettuce wrap with. You'll hear a lot of people going ewww when they hear raw garlic slices but trust me, it taste perfect with the meat and sauce here.

Beef BBQ

 This spicy salad  which is usually a combination of thinly slices scallions and lettuce which you eat with the BBQ meat or in your diy lettuce wraps.

 Soon Tofu (Spicy Tofu Soup)
No one ate this somehow which is great since I love it. This is usually eaten with rice, which is great for a quick meal and lot how hot it is which is great for those cold winter days. I also always have the craving for an extra spicy one when I have a hangover.

Kang Poon Kee (Deep Fried Sweet & Spicy Chicken)
This my favorite drinking dish, perfect with a glass of beer or some soju (korean rice wine). Love how it's served extra saucy!

 Deep Fried Pork w/ sweet sauce

Jia Jang Myun (Black Bean Sauce Noodle)

 Jook Sam Kyup Sal
~ squid spicy sauce with veggies, pork & rice cake
Another type of table cooking, I love to munch on every thing here and rice is added at the end to make fried rice with the leftovers in the pot.

 Boo Daw Jung Gol 
Kimchi hotpot with all the ingredients you can think of and it will varied from restaurants. Here, there's beansprout, sausage, spam, mushrooms, veggies and of course the instant noodle. It's as if you raid the fridge in the middle of the night for things to add to your instant noodle. This is the ultimate dish to end a rather heavy drinking night ;)


 Dduk Bok Gi (Spicy Rice Cake)
With fish cake slices, all immerse in a thick spicy sauce. Filling, yummy and cheap dish that I will never get tired of.

 Popup Markets (@marketspopup) also bought us some beer, 905 Lager and Summertime Saison

Verdict :
Everything is as good as always, there's a reason I have been coming back for years.
My faves are the Pork Belly BBQ, the Kang Poon Kee (Spicy Fried Chicken) & Jook Sam Kyup Sal, especially with the added rice at the end.
Can't wait to come back for patio season.

*** This meal was complimentary. Opinions are my own***

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