Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Roselle Desserts [Bakery]

Roselle Desserts (facebook & intagram)was the newest bakery in town and heard people says best eclair in Toronto, so I obviously need to make my way there.
Stephanie Duong & Bruce Lee are the couple behind these calorific creations, both graduated from George Brown and work at Michelin star restaurant both in Paris and Hong Kong. I can't help but have high expectation, we arrive late afternoon on Good Friday a few weeks ago.

The space is rather small, somehow I was expecting something bigger.
Love the limited selection, there was only 7 choices in the display case plus their special Mille Crepe. See how all the goodies are perfectly lined, that shows how much love is put into this place.

And more casual goodeis on the side to choose from, like brownies, marshmallows, meringue...

Banana Cream Pie Eclaire $7
~ Rum'd up banana, vanilla custard and whipped white chocolate
The éclaire shell was perfect and the caramelized bananas was so god, layered with so much flavors.

The Earl $7.50
~ Mik chocolate earl grey mousse, toasted cream and chocolate flakes
Love the light and airiness of this mousse but wish the earl grey flavor was more prominent.

Mille Crêpes
It was a special that weekend, with the brulée crust and the layers look perfect but though it lacked texture and was kind of mushy... improvement in the pastry cream needed, maybe?!

Need to try their caramel next time

Althought there's some hot and misses among the all 3 items we tried, I definitely would love to come back.
Would need to try their other eclair flavors and their turtle tart

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