Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Mr Tonkatsu [Japanese]

Mr Tonkatsu is pretty much what's it's name states and serves Japanese style fried pork. The menu is mainly focused on katsu here, pork chicken and shrimp katsu with only a few other dishes like chicken karrage and Korean fried chicken.

Can you imagine they bake their own bread and make their own panko from it. 

They also make their own salad dressing, tonkatsu and katsudon sauce in house which are totally MSG free. They also have instruction on each table as to how to grind your sesame seeds and add it to the katsu sauce.

Crisp Chicken Thigh $5.50
~ Korean Style Deep Fried Chicken
Love the use of chicken thigh (dark meat) instead of white meat, this is more flavorful and moist. It was super crispy and with a peppery taste to it. Would definitely need to come back to try the Karraage Wings soon.

Katsudon w/ Soba $12.00
~ Pork loin katsu, kombu infused soy sauce reduction and poached egg
The side of soba was served hot which was kind of a surprise, I was expecting the more common cold soba which I prefer. The katsudon was topped with raw carrots slivers and it was somehow a bit out of place with the rice dish, didn't really go together while the poached egg was slightly overcooked. But love the kombu infused katsudon sauce soaked tonkatsu and rice with the sweet onions. Wish there was more of the sauce though with the rice soaked completely.

Pork Loin w/ Cheese Tonkatsu Set $14.00
~ katsu w/ homemade fresh panko served with shredded cabbage, miso soup, steamed rice
The panko crust is really amazing, a wonderful light and crispy goodness. This cheese version is a must try with the ooey gooey cheesy layer inside the crunchy panko breading and the crushed sesame seed with the sauce was just so fragrant perfect pairing.

Look at the cheesy goodness.

Can't wait until the North York location is open
Love the Tonkatsu here, have been waiting for a good tonkatsu place in Toronto for ages.
Service was a bit slow and hectic with some non-sharing communal table at the front while there's so many people waiting, it's definitely something they need to work out.

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