Thursday, June 19, 2014

Smoque N Bones [BBQ]

I am always on the look out for good BBQ places especially ribs, sometimes a girl just can't wait for the yearly ribfest to come around. Up until now, I have only found 2 places that I love, Sockyard (post here & here) and Barque (post here & here).

 Smoque N Bones (@SmoqueNBones) opened back in May and it immediately went to the top of my list and it didn't disappoint. They do not take reservation, so I only dared to go there on a late Saturday lunch. Being just across Trinity Bellwoods Park, we could easily get take out and eat at the park if it was full.

The space is pretty small but love the use of the long narrow space w/ the open kitchen on one side and bar seating on the other.

Spicy Smoquin Caesar
 The cocktail packed quite a bit of heat, loved it but they have to work on the spice rim since it was stucked hard.

 Pickled Jar $3.90
~ Okra, Jalapeno, Chow Chow, Mixed Veg
Love the presentation! Never had pickled okra before which was less slimy than I expectected.

Pork Side Ribs $16.90 for 1/2 rack
It's not the super soft fall off the bone type of ribs, it has a bite to it with a slight charred outer layer and still manage to be fall off the bone good. Smoked for 4 hours, it was tasty even on it's own and love how the sauce was on the side to be slather on at your own preference.

 Beef Brisket Sandwich w/ Braised Cabbage $11.90
 Love this fatty saucy goodness, perfect with the added pop of color, flavor and texture of the cabbage. Love how there was the perfect amount of sauce and the bun hold up everything just right.

 Sweet Potato Waffle $5.90
Love these, can't stop munching on them. It was just like fires but somehow the texture here are better. Just soft enough on the inside and just crispy enough outside.

 Baked Beans $3.90
It was a bit sweet for me, wish it has a bit of spice to it.

 Saw the smoker in action.

Verdict :
 Love the ribs, so definitely will be back for more
Heard they will have smoked wings soon, so have to be back for that
Love their service, their social media, the space and the whole vibe of the place

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